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How Egyptian Crisis could affect CFOs
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"The corporate brand is not only used to improve competitive positioning and express company aspirations, it can also be a powerful tool to motivate employees."

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China Chris Christie Chris Dodd Christian Brothers Investment Services Christine Lagarde christopher cox Christopher Dodd Chrysler CICA CIMA CIOs CIOs and CFOs circuit breakers Cisco Systems CIT Citadel Investment Group Citi Citigroup Citizens United Civil Frauds Unit civil suit class action lawsuits classified board clawback provision clawbacks clean energy Clear2Pay clearing climate change CLOs Cloud Computing CLSA cluster theory CME CNOOC co-location coal mining companies COBRA Coca Cola Collapse collateralized debt obligation collections Collin Peterson collins & Aikman collusion Colombia Colonial Bank Columbia Commerce Bank Commerce Department commercial paper commercial real estate commodities Commodity Futures Trading Commission communications community banks community development corporations Community Development Financial Institutions companies compensation compensation commitee competition competitiveness compliance computer computers Conference Board Conference of State Bank Supervisors confidence Conglomerates Congress Congressional Congressional Budget Office Congressoinal Oversight Panel consolidation construction consulting consumer confidence Consumer Financial Protection Agency Consumer Financial Protection Bureau consumer proection agency consumer spending consumers container shipping contingencies contingency planning contract management contract workers control controllers convergence convertible bonds cookie jar accounting Cornerstone Research corporate board compensation corporate boards corporate bonds corporate cards corporate computing corporate culture corporate default rate corporate finance corporate governance corporate investor relations corporate liability corporate social responsibility corporate tax corporate tax rate corporate treasurers corporation corporations corruption corruption Perceptions Index COSO cost cutting cost of borrowing cost of capital cost reduction costs counterparty risk Countrywide Countrywide Financial County and Municipal Employees Court of Appeals covenants covered bonds CPAs Credit credit card Credit Card Accounability Responsibility and Discl credit card bill credit card rates credit cards credit crisis credit default swap credit default swaps Credit Ratings credit scores Credit suisse Credit Suisse Securities credit-default swap credit-rating agencies crisis CRM culture currency volatility customer service customers cutting costs cyber attack cyber czar cyber monday Cybersecurity Coordinator cycle time czech republic dangers of social networking Daniel Tarullo dark pools data data analytics data breaches Data Domain data leakage data loss prevention data management data security data security; securing finanical systems data standardization data standards David Stockman David Wessel DavisPolk Davos days payables outstanding days' sales outstanding deal talk Deals debit debit cards debt debt crisis debt-rating agencies default default rate defaults deferred prosecution deferred prosecution agreements defined benefit plans defined contribution plans deflation Delaware Chancery Court Delaware Supreme Court delayed filing delinquencies delinquency rate delist Dell Deloitte Deloitte & Touche demand department of Commerce Department of Justice Department of Treasury depreciation derivatives Deutsche Bank digital signature direct-market access directors disbursements disclosure disclosures discount Discount rate Disney distress distressed companies divestitures dividends DNA Dodd Frank Dodd Frank Act Dodd-Frank Dodd-Frank bill DOJ DOL dollar Dollar General domestic partnerships Dow Chemical Dow Jones VentureSource downgrade downgrades downshifting DPO DrinkerBiddle driver dry powder DSO DTCC Duba due diligence DuPont dynamic discounting E*Trade Financial e-commerce e-identity e-invoicing EADS early retirees earnings earnings forecast eBAM eBay EBRD EBRI ECB ECGD Ecolab ecommerce economic growth Economist Intelligence Unit economy EDC ediscovery efficiency EIPP election electronic bank account management Electronic Health Records electronic invoicing electronic payments email emails embezzlement EMC emerging markets Emirates employee Employee Misclassification Prevention Act employees employer employer-sponsored health plan employers employment employment growth employment taxes ending a product line endowment endowments energy Energy Information Administration energy intensity enforcement engagement Enron enterprise resource planning enterprise risk management entrepreneur entrepreneur visa entrepreneurs entrepreneurship environment environmental policy Environmental Protection Agency environmental social and governance EPA equities equity Eric Kolchinksy Eric Sigurdson ERISA Ernst & Young ERP ESG Essar estate tax Estee Lauder ethanol ethical hacking EU Euro area euro basis swap europe European Association of Corporate Treasurers European Banking Federation European Chamber of Commerce European Commission European Council on Foreign Relations European Union Eurostoxx eurozone Evercore Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation excuses executive compensation executive pay executive perks existing home sales exit transactions Expedia expense management expense recognition errors expenses Experian export credit export credit agency exports exposure management Facebook factoring FactSet Research Systems FactSet SharkWatch failure Fair Labor Act fair value False Claims Act Fannie Mae FAS 133 FASB fat cat bankers FBI FCC FCPA FDI FDIC Fed federal contracts Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Federal Register Federal Reserve Federal Reserve of New York FedEx Fees FEI Femsa fertilizer FIDES FIFA filings FIN 48 finanacial reporting Finance finances financial analysis managers financial crisis Financial Executives International financial institutions financial management solutions financial market reform financial professionals financial reform financial reform bill financial reporting Financial Services Authority financial services companies financial statements financial supply chain financial technology financing FINCAD fines Finextra FINRA Fitch Fitch Ratings flash crash flash trading FM Global FOIA Ford Ford Motor Credit forecasting foreign corrupt practices act foreign direct investment foreign exchange management foreign exchange swap foreign investment foreign M&A; foreign workers France Frank Quattrone fraud Freddie Mac Freedom of Information Act freelancers Frito Lay FSA FTC FTSE FundTech future flow securitization FX FX Option GAAP Galleon Galleon Group Gallup Gannett GAO Gartner Gary Gensler GDP GE GE Capital Geithner General Dynamics General Electric General Mills General Motors generally accepted accounting principles genetic testing genetics Genpact George Osborne Gerard Cassidy Germany Gibson dunn GINA Glass Lewis Glass Steagall Act Glass-Steagall glaxosmithkline global economy global entrepreneurship global standards GM GMAC Going Concern going public gold Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs Asset Management Google Google Buzz governance Governance for Owners Government Accountability Office government contracting government finance government option government regulations government spending grain Grant Thornton Greece greenfield Greenspan growth guidance H.R. 4853 H1N1 hacker Hadassah Hank Paulsen hardware Harris Interactive Harvard HCA health and wellness programs health care health care reform health insurance health-care reform healthcare Heartland Payment Systems heatlh care hedge funds hedging Heineken helocs Henry Paulson Hertz Hewitt hewitt Associates Hewlett-Packard high yield bonds high-frequency trading high-potential startups hiring Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment holiday sales home buyer tax credit home equity loans homeshoring homesourcing Hong Kong hostile takeover House House of Cards household debt Howard Schmidt HP HSBC HSZ Hubbert's Peak human resources Humorous Hutchison whampoa hybrid capital hybrid notional pool hybrid pension plans hybrids IASB Iberia IBM ICBA ideas IFC IFRS IIRC illegal immigrants illegals Illinois illiquid assets IMF immigration impact investing in cmmpliance In compliance in conpliance In Fed We Trust incentive compensation income income tax incubator incubators independent contractor India indictment industry IndyMac Infineon inflation information information technology ING ING Direct initial public offering innovation insider buying insider selling insider trader insider trading instinct Institutional Shareholder Services institutions instutional investor insurance integration plan Intel intellectual property Interchange fees interest rate risk interest rates Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility internal audit internal controls Internal Revenue Service international assignments International convergence Internet Explorer interns interstate commerce interviewing Intuit intuition inventories inventory optimization investment investment banking investment grade bonds investments investor investor relations investors iPhone IPO IPO pipeline IRA Ireland IRS Irving Picard ISDA Islamic finance ISM Israel ISS IT IT policy IT risk management IT Security IT spending IT2 J.P. Morgan J.P. Morgan Chase Jamie Dimon Japan jargon JDA Jeff Immelt Jennie-O Jennifer Scanlon Jeremy Smerd Jerome Levy Forecasting Center job dissatisfaction job satisfaction job security joblessness jobs Joe Price John Goff John Kador John Paulson JP Morgan JP Morgan Chase JP Morgan Treasury Services JPMorgan JPMorgan Asset Management JPMorgan Chase judges Juniper Networks junk junk bonds Justice Department Karl Cates Kathleen Sebelius Kauffman Foundation kcates keirsey Keith Sherin Kellogg School of Management Ken Lewis Kenneth Feinberg Kenneth Rogoff Kentucky KKR knowledge workers kohl's Korea KPMG KTK Kuwait l'Oreal labor costs Labor Department labor unions laptop laptops large-cap company Larry Ellison Latent Demand Latham & Watkins Latin America law lawsuits lawyers layoffs Lazard LBO leadership leaks lean startups lease accounting leases leasing LEED legal fees legislation Lehman Brothers lending lendng letter of credit Letters of Credit leverage leveraged buyout leveraged finance leveraged loan leveraged loans Li Ka Shing liability management Liar's Poker line of credit liquidity liquidity management Lisa Yoon listing listing standard litigation little GAAP Lloyd Blankfein LLP loan loan delinquencies loan losses loands loans Lockheed Martin loss disclosure low-value payments lower costs Lumber Liquidators lying M&A; Macy's Madoff Madoff books Madoff scandal majority vote making decisions Making Home Affordable Malaysia malware management management buyout Manpower manufacturing margins market capitalization Marks & Spencer Mary Schapiro Massey Energy Mastercard material weakness maturity Max Baucus MBO McCain-Feingold McDonald's McGladrey & Pullen McKinsey McKinsey & Co. media medical costs Medicare Medtronics mentors Mercer merchant services merchant services fees merger mergers mergers and acquisitions merit Merrill Merrill Lynch metals and mining Metro Bank Mexico Michael Eggebrecht Michael Lewis Michael Ruppet Michigan Great Lakes Wind Council microfinance Microsoft mid-cap company mid-sized companies middle managers Milberg Mine Bank minimum wage Minnesota MIT CIO Symposium mobile mobile payments model monetary policy Monsanto Monster Worldwide Moody's Moody's Investors Service moral hazard morale Morgan Stanely Smith Barney Morgan Stanley Morgan Stanley Private Equity Morningstar mortgage backed securities Mortgage Bankers' Association mortgage foreclosures mortgage rates mortgages MoveYourMoney MSEP multi-task Murray Hill mutual funds NAB NACHA naked swap Nasdaq National Arbitration Association National Arbitration Forum National Automated Clearing House Association National Federation of Independent Business National Labor Relations Board National Research Project National Taxpayer Advocate Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organizat natural disaster NBC Nehalem-EX NERA Economic Consulting net charge-off ratio net neutrality net operating loss carryforwards NetApp Netbooks Netflix Netherlands networking New Century Financial new economy New Year New York New York City New York Fed New York Stock Exchange New York Times Co. News Corp. 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Chris Dodd Sen. Thomas Carper Senate Senate Banking Committee Senator Dodd senior auditors Senior compliance analysts Senior financial analysts senior management senior notes senior tax accountants sensitive information SEO SEPA Sergey Alynikov service level agreement ServiceMaster Services-oriented architecture settlement severance severance packages SGX share of wallet share repurchase shared services shareholder activism shareholder activists shareholder acttivism shareholder dissent shareholder resolutions shareholder rights shareholder rights plan shareholder value shareholders Shari'ah Sheila Bair Sheryl Weinstein Shinsei shipping shopping short-term borrowing sick days sick leave Siemens Sifma silicon valley Singapore SIV Six Sigma skip levels SLA smal business small and medium-sized business small business Small business administration Small Business Adminstration Small Business Innovation Research Small Business Jobs Act Small Business Jobs and Credit Act small business lending Small Loan Advantage smartphone SMB SME Smith & Wollensky snall business social media Social Networking socially reponsible investing Societe Generale software South Dakota SOX sox 404 spain Spam speculative-grade Spending spin-off split sports finance spot rate spreads spreadsheets SSE SSUTA staff staggered board Standard & Poor's Standard Chartered HSBC Standard's and Poors standards Stanford Law School Securities Class Action Cleari startup Startup Via bill Startup Visa startups status quo Stephen Schwarzman Steve Cohen Steve Jobs Steve Taub Stewardship stimulus stimulus bill stock exchange stock market stock options stocks Stoneridge STP stress sub-prime succession planning sucession planning Suez suitability Sukuk SunGard suppliers supply chain supply chain disruption supply chain finance Supreme Court surveys Sustainability swaps dealers SWIFT SWIFT TSU swine flu Swiss banking Symantec syndication synergies systemic risk T&E; T-Solar Taiwan talent assessment talent management tariffs TARP Tax tax accounting managers tax credit tax credits tax evasion tax filing tax gap tax gross up tax law Tax Policy Center tax rate tax reporting tax services senior managers taxation taxes TD Bank teacher's union techno Technology Ted Kennedy telecommuting temporary visas temporary workers Teza Technologies Thailand The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants The Carlyle Group The Corporate Library The Delaware Court of Chancery The Federal Housing Finance Agency The Institute of Internal Auditors The Mergis Group The Pension Protection Act of 2006 the Phillipines theft This Time is Different Thomas Dooley Thomson Reuters TIAA-CREF Tidjane Thiam Tiger Woods Time Warner Timothy Geithner TJX TMS Tom Daschle Tommy Hilfiger too big to fail top executives Toweers Watson Tower Group Towers Watson Toyota trade trade finance trademark Trading transaction bank transactions transfer pricing transformation engine transition Transocean Transparency International treasurers Treasuries treasury treasury management system treasury technology trial Tribune Co. triple bottom line Troubled Asset Relief Program trust preferred turnaround turnover Twitter U.S. Attorney U.S. District Court U.S. Post Office UBS UFJ UK UN UN Oil for Food Program uncertain tax positions underwriting unemployment unemployment compensation unemployment insurance fund unemployment rate Unilever United Kingdom United States District Court unrated bond unsecured debt upgrades UPS Uralchem urban schools US Airways US Attorney US Attorney General US Chamber US Chamber of Commerce US Ex-Im US ExIm US GAAP Us House of Representatives US Navy US Postal Service US Women's Chamber of Commerce USDA USPTO V-shaped recovery vacations Vale valuation model Vanguard VantagePoint variable pay VC vendor finance vendor financing vendor selection venture accelerator venture acceleratros venture capital venture capitalist Verizon Verizon Communications Viacom Vice Chancellor Strine Vikram Pandit Vince Cable Vincent Cable virtual-only annual meetings Virtualization virus Visa visual information Vivendi vix VMware volatility Volcker Volcker Rule volunterring vSphere Wachovia wages Waiting for Superman Wal Mart Wal-Mart Walden Asset Management wall street walmart warranties Warren Buffett WBL weakest links weather web portal web site wellness WellPoint Wells Fargo Wells Notice Wendy Lee Gramm Wharton wheat whistleblower white collar crime William Cohan Wilshire Bank wind energy Windows 7 wireless internet Wolfram Alpha women board members women entrepreneurs women executives women in the workplace work work flow work sharing workers workforce working capital workplace World Bank World Economic Forum Worldcom Worldom WTO Wyclef Jean XBRL Yahoo yields your career YouTube yuan-denominated bond

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