Red-hot thread: Health-care reform verdict? People are cattle
Wednesday, 19 August 2009

“Watched one town hall meeting where an irate woman said she vehemently opposed any form of socialized medicine. When asked what her medical coverage was, she defiantly exclaimed, 'Medicare!' Wow.” Stevie G.

“‘Euthanize Obama!’ one protester on the right side of the driveway yelled at Tom Jordan, a social studies teacher from Amesbury, Mass., who stood with the president’s supporters on the left side and held up a “Euthanize Ignorance: Go Obama’ sign. HJohnson

“The health care lobby doesn't want to see that [reform] happen for obvious reasons, and they're pulling out the stops to see to it that it doesn't. Even if it means sending out mobs with torches and pitchforks and demonizing anyone who disagrees with it.” Ron F.

“Theater's when there's nothing at stake. There's a lot at stake here.” KCates

“The stakes are huge. That's why I'm so annoyed that there's a lot of grandstanding and politics getting in the way!” SherylNash01

“The people who are really crazed about Obama's plan are not the majority. And they're not part of a grass-roots, Saul Alinksy-style movement. It simply isnt' so. They're a minority who choose to believe what they see on Fox News and are being used by some well-organized Republican groups. (Groups who know how to manipulate the media).” Annearf

“I do believe that some people out there are legitimately concerned about what a universal insurance plan would mean for them. And it is costly, at least on the front end. But what do you make of people at town hall meetings with signs that say: ‘Death to Obama, his wife and his two stupid kids’?” RedConn

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