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Mixed year for corporate bond sales
stephen taub

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"The corporate brand is not only used to improve competitive positioning and express company aspirations, it can also be a powerful tool to motivate employees."

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Emerging markets add little diversification 161
Risk management to dominate new normal 198
BP credit ratings cut as oil-spill costs mount 234
Flash crash may remain a complete mystery 189
Euro crisis shows GE's bellwether status may be unshakeable 321
Default fears go global 200
PIMCO's Gross bashes rating agencies 209
The cost of the financial crisis goes well beyond bank bailouts 312
FDIC proposes new fees to deter risk-taking at banks 239
Regulators blasted over Washington Mutual's failure 189
Market reassured by latest Fed minutes 152
Moody's threatens hybrid securities' favorable treatment 252
Commercial real estate still getting thumped by recession 168
Top Lehman and Bear executives profited despite failure 270
Corporates must cope with sovereign risk 288
Heat turning up on China over currency valuation 121
Dubai crisis underscored risks to multinationals' supply chains 352
New index of financial conditions flashing yellow 329
Pension liabilities catch British companies short 145
Lack of fresh bank lending could overheat bond market 226
Recently failed banks crushed by construction loans 159
Big banks face fresh losses from commercial real estate 224
Dark clouds gather again for junk bond issuers 136
Corporate execs worried cost cuts went too far 265
Lousy recovery rates for defaulted loans and bonds in 2009 150
Budget cuts, incentives necessary for faster economic growth: Feldstein 160
Insurance companies' profits and financial condition are weaker than reported 164
J.P. Morgan's earnings bode ill for industry, economy 155
Crisis panel told proposed bank reform misses on derivative risk 141
Venezuela's devaluation will whack some U.S. companies 173
Consumer credit falls most on record 129
Corporate credit upgrades could be slower to materialize than expected 120
No easy exit from the mortgage market for the Fed 140
Congress should include Big 4 in finance regulation: think tank 155
U.S. pension plans narrow funding deficit 118
Commercial real estate to bottom near yearend: report 118
What you're worried about for 2010 217
Booming stock market leads to softer D&O; insurance pricing 142
U.S. should have put AIG into Chapter 11, says finance expert 132
The Fed's great liquidity unwind 144
Deficit reduction will keep unemployment high, new report warns 171
Corporate defaults easing, but concerns remain 128
Meredith Whitney: Financial system is kicking out the consumer 110
Dudley counters criticism of Fed's balance sheet 124
CMBS delinquency rate hits record in Q3 153
Middle market execs look abroad for growth 108
Senator seeks to revive curb on naked swaps 122
Dubai may show "CoCos" are cuckoo for banks 147
S&P; toughens up bank capital measurements 151
Tweak bankruptcy law so big banks can fail more easily: critic 172
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