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The Chinese Economy is On a Slowing Boat
James Finnan

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"The corporate brand is not only used to improve competitive positioning and express company aspirations, it can also be a powerful tool to motivate employees."
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Treasury tasks still bog down larger businesses 428
CP market surges after first-half collapse 327
Big asset managers getting bigger 417
Lenders to SMBs: What’s in your wallet? 300
Financial health of U.S. corporations starting to improve: study 299
Syndicated loans the next to blow 340
Fed playing games in resisting Treasury inquiry, critics charge 320
Judge considers SEC plan to claw back Reserve fund payouts 364
American Airlines gets nearly $3 billion in new financing 322
Big biz balking at money fund reform 346
CIT’s loss is J.P. Morgan’s gain 581
Can an Android save Motorola? 296
Obama can stack the Fed 288
Surge in free cash flow may fizzle out 360
Dell beats estimates with big cost cuts 422
This time, the CP revival may not be pulp fiction 327
Trade finance should be tied more tightly to cash management, say experts 468
Fed targets commercial property with target rate 358
Recession near an end, but not cheap money policy 281
Corporate fundamentals weaker than investors think: study 297
Does 10-Q delay signal Chapter 11 for CIT? 266
Accurate cash-flow forecasts remain elusive 426
Good money in bad checks, banks find 296
Don't bank on Bernanke keeping his day job 290
Smaller banks face fresh wave of losses 320
British bulldogs: HSBC, Barclays bouncing back 287
Credit markets only half open to corporate borrowers 368
Cable TV operators channel efforts into boosting cash 631
Obama liquidity plan leaves smaller businesses high and dry 281
Ted spread says credit crisis dead 555
GECC, CIT: Good cap, bad cap? 266
General Growth bankruptcy could zap credit market recovery 447
Bernanke: No easing of easy-money policy 249
CIT: Bill Gross to the rescue? 333
Citi showing signs of life 399
Credit card woes smack B of A 306
CIT: Bill Gross to the rescue? 293
Funds for corporate expansion still AWOL 287
Dell still searching for financing alternative to CIT 588
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