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"The corporate brand is not only used to improve competitive positioning and express company aspirations, it can also be a powerful tool to motivate employees."

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Re:Senate fails to repeal 1099, what does it mean?
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Your favorite mobile/tablet apps for business?
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Union: Just say no to drugs pay

AFSCME recommends opposing executive comp proposals at both Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson.


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Deutsche Bank sees sixth straight quarterly growth

As earnings season kicks off, the investment bank is looking for 6.9 percent revenue growth and 12 percent earnings growth.


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Bernanke calls for stricter financial clearinghouse regulation

Increased reliance on clearinghouses due to Dodd-Frank means more precautions have to be taken.


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Wall Street CFOs made big bucks in 2010

Goldman's Viniar made $18.6 million while JPMorgan Chase's Braunstein made $16.7 million.


If QE2 is through, does Fed deflate balance sheet?

That decision will offer a critical signal to markets of how quickly support will be removed for the economy.

Companies will foot the bill for personal income tax reform

However, US multinationals might see some beneficial reforms this year.

Why three-way proxy battles are rare

They are so unusual dissidents frequently go out of their way to avoid them.

Wholesale prices rise fastest in 1-1/2 years

Who is getting squeezed?

Japan supply squeeze worries spread to telco gear

Will consumers have sufficient access to tech products?

Move to boost credit unions' small business lending--redux

Unlike big banks, they have supported small business.

Analysis: High-yield and U.S. debt at risk if Japan repatriates

Global merger and acquisition and outward direct investment activity from Japan could be negatively impacted.

Hedge funds hammer Japan stocks to worst plunge since '87

Tuesday's panic selloff forced domestic fund managers to sit on the sidelines.

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