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"The corporate brand is not only used to improve competitive positioning and express company aspirations, it can also be a powerful tool to motivate employees."

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Union: Just say no to drugs pay

AFSCME recommends opposing executive comp proposals at both Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson.


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Deutsche Bank sees sixth straight quarterly growth

As earnings season kicks off, the investment bank is looking for 6.9 percent revenue growth and 12 percent earnings growth.


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Bernanke calls for stricter financial clearinghouse regulation

Increased reliance on clearinghouses due to Dodd-Frank means more precautions have to be taken.


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Wall Street CFOs made big bucks in 2010

Goldman's Viniar made $18.6 million while JPMorgan Chase's Braunstein made $16.7 million.


As oil muddies outlook, Fed policy less certain

Surging oil prices are threatening to make next week's policy meeting more contentious.

Companies disclose potential legal bills

Filings stem from an October letter fired off to corporate finance executives by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Healthcare reform in Massachusetts: Research points to some healthy outcomes

Several of the more dire predictions about healthcare reform proved to be unfounded.

Best Buy bets on inland China for growth

Asia President Kal Patel calls China market "explosive."

IMF: Signs of overheating in emerging markets

Are the emerging market economies that powered the global recovery growing too fast for their own good?

The war against social terrorism

Petty jealousy over Other People's Money is threatening to escalate.

Weatherford reports $500 million tax error

However, downgrades of the company's debt are not expected.

401(k) plans: Teeming with conflicts of interest

This just in: 401(k) plan providers might not be all that impartial about the investment choices they recommend.

  • Merit raises are coming back
  • Moody's downgrade tips Greece closer to brink
  • Most economists say Fed easing is helping: survey
  • Lehman battles investors over derivative payouts
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