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Accurate cash-flow forecasts remain elusive Print E-mail
Tuesday, 11 August 2009
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Accurate cash-flow forecasts remain elusive
Cash on hand
Cash-flow forecast accuracy
Key financials forecast accuracy
Past-due receivables
Top-performer forecast accuracy
Cash flow forecast prep time
Cash flow forecasting staff

In the toughest of economic times, belts get tightened, pennies get pinched and cash reigns as the undisputed king. Even so, the vast majority of companies are pretty lousy at forecasting cash flow even only a couple months out.

A recent survey by consultancy the Hackett Group in conjunction with the National Association of Corporate Treasurers found that four out of five Global 1000 companies cannot forecast mid-term cash flow levels within 5% accuracy. Further, few companies do much better when it comes to forecasting other key financials, such as sales and earnings.

Those and other key findings, as well as some best practices, can be found in the following slideshow.

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