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Jul 21

Could Chile--or other countries--steal the US's entrepreneurial thunder?

Posted by annearf in venture capitalstartupsmall businessentrepreneurshipChile


An often-repeated solution to the economy's woes is to boost high-growth  entrepreneurship. That's one reason some politicians have been pushing a new startup-visa bill making it  easier for foreign entrepreneurial wannabes to set up shop in the US.

Now, however, it looks like other countries might be trying to steal the US's thunder. Chile, for example is launching a first-of-its-kind program aimed at encouraging entrepreneurs with ideas for high-growth businesses to base their operations in that country. Called Start-Up Chile , the program will award up to $40,000 and a one-year resident visa to 25 entrepreneurs "with innovative and high-growth business plans that have the potential of bringing disruptive technology into its industry or the global market."

Jul 13

VC fundraising at seven-year low

Posted by mcole in venture capitalTaxmergers and acquisitionsIPODealsCash


Venture capital fundraising in the US is at the lowest level in seven years and the likelihood that it will significantly increase in the next few years is slim.

Thirty eight US venture capital funds raised $1.9 billion in the second quarter of 2010, the worst three-month period since the third quarter of 2003, according to Thomson Reuters and the National Venture Capital Association.

Jul 01

Some signs of life in venture capital

Posted by Stephen Taub in venture capitalmergers and acquisitionsIPODow Jones VentureSourceDeals

Stephen Taub

The venture capital business is trying to battle back, but with mixed success.

On one hand, during the second quarter, 15 IPOs by venture-backed companies raised $899 million, up from just three offerings which raised $232 million in the same period last year, according to Dow Jones VentureSource.

May 27

Bill in Congress would double taxation of venture capital firms

Posted by annearf in venture capitalin conpliancecarried interestAmerican Jobs and Closting Tax Loopholes Act


A few months ago, buyout firms like Blackstone made a big stink about proposed legislation in the House  that would have changed the treatment of so-called carried interest, the portion of profit that fund managers are paid as part of their compensation.  Now, the Senate and House have just introduced a bill, which contains its own carried-interest provision.

But, what hasn't received as much attention is that the rule would also pertain to venture capital firms, as well.

Apr 29

Venture capital on road to recovery

Posted by Stephen Taub in venture capitalistventure capitalDow Jones VentureSourceDeals

Stephen Taub

The venture capital market is slowly coming back to life.

In the first quarter, venture capitalists plunked down $7 billion in 919 deals for companies based in the U.S., Europe, Canada, Israel, Mainland China and India, according to Dow Jones VentureSource. This is a 13 percent increase over the $6.2 billion invested in 860 deals during same period last year.

Apr 21

Are venture capitalists in the Big Apple stealing Silicon Valley's thunder?

Posted by annearf in venture capitalsilicon valleyPricewaterhouseCoopersnyc seedNew York Citydeal talk


Silicon Valley is still central headquarters for venture capital activity in the US.  But it looks like the New York City area is trying to play catch up.

A new report shows an increase in the region both in the amount of startup funding and the number of deals for two consecutive quarters, while activity in Silicon Valley dropped. 

Apr 16

Angel financing favors bigger ventures

Posted by annearf in venture capitalstartupDealsCenter for Venture Researchangels


Many startups, especially ones with high-growth potential, depend on receiving at least some of their funding from angel investors.  Now, a new report sheds light on what type of entrepreneurial ventures got angel money last year. 

Specifically, the report from the Center for Venture Research at the University of New Hampshire found that financing for really early-stage companies declined and a larger percentage went to more-established ventures.  That is, 35 percent of investments in 2009 were in seed stage companies, a decrease of 10 percent from 2008. And new, or so-called first sequence investments, were 47 percent of all angel activity, a significant decline over the last two years.

Mar 22

It's really high-flying startups that create many new jobs

Posted by annearf in venture capitalstartupsStartup Via billIn complianceentrepreneurs


With all the talk lately about how small businesses are vital to job creation, turns out it's a relatively small number of high-growth entrepreneurial firms creating much of that employment.  And, now, there's pending legislation, pushed heavily by venture capitalists, that could encourage the growth of such companies.

 First, about those high-flying startups. According to recent research from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation , fast-growing relatively young firms generate about 10 percent of all new jobs in any given year.  That includes what the study calls "gazelle" firms--enterprises three to five years old. And, these ventures create all those jobs even though they're less than 1 percent of all companies.  The average firm in the top 1 percent contributes 88 jobs per year; most end up producing between 20 and 249 employees. The average firm in the economy as a whole adds two or three net new jobs each year. 

Mar 05

A slew of efforts to standardize seed investment documents

Posted by annearf in venture capitalventure acceleratorseed fundingentrepreneurDealsAndreessen Horowitz


In what could be good news for entrepreneurs, some well-known Silicon Valley investors and lawyers just announced they've developed streamlined term sheets for seed investments of under $1.5 million that they hope will become the industry standard.

But, the effort to create a true standard still has a ways to go.

Dec 22

Is Twitter in the black, or just on the block?

Posted by Ron F in venture capitalTwittersocial media, earnings

Ron F

Who says companies like Twitter are a shot in the dark?

According to the highly anonymous and perhaps conflicted sources in this story, the company is making a profit of about $5 million, thanks to its deals with search engines Google and Bing.

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