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Apr 28

Vast majority of CFOs have no succession plan

Posted by MQuinn in turnoversuccession planningrecruitingCFOscareer/management


I have the privilege of assembling our weekly CFO Moves column, so the finding of a new survey that the vast majority of finance chiefs haven't identified their successor doesn't really surprise me. I've seen a lot of press releases stating, "The company is considering both internal and external candidates to fill the position."

Still, the percentage of companies with no CFO succession plan is pretty staggering. The aforementioned poll of 1,400 CFOs by Robert Half Management Resources found that 83 percent have not identified a successor for their position.

Mar 18

Bad economy improves worker attendance, turnover and punctuality

Posted by MQuinn in workersturnoverhuman resourcesemployeesCareers/Managementattendance


Two separate surveys released on Wednesday proved one thing: Workers were TERRIFIED of losing their jobs last year.

In fact, they were so scared that the rate of employee absences in 2009 was the lowest recorded since 1985, the year legal and business publisher BNA began its quarterly survey of employers. The median absence rate in 2009 averaged 0.7 percent, falling beneath the 2008 low of 0.9 percent of scheduled worker days per month. Absence rates have declined consistently since 2005, when they averaged 1.5 percent of scheduled worker days. The survey of 267 human resource and employee relations executives also showed that absences tended to be lower in smaller than in larger organizations.

Nov 17

If your employees have anything to do with it, they won't be your employees next year

Posted by annearf in turnoverengagementemployment


Observers of the workplace have been predicting that, as soon as employment picks up, employees are going to run for the exit sign. Now, a new study seems to underscore that forecast.

But, the real question is, just how imminent is that impending stampede?

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