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Nov 05

Goldman Sachs' Small Businesses initiative leaves questions unanswered

Posted by dbedell in small business lendingsmall businessFinanceCash


Goldman Sachs has announced a partnership with small-business and microfinance developer Opportunity Finance Network to launch the 10,000 Small Businesses CDFI Small Business Financing Initiative.

Opportunity Finance Network is an organization supporting community development financial institutions (CDFIs) that provide small and micro businesses in the US with development loans—in particular for low-wealth and low-income individuals and companies.

Oct 20

Small business loans safer than high-yield bonds, PayNet finds

Posted by dbedell in small business lendingsmall businessReutersPayNetMoody's Investors ServiceloansDealsCash


In an article this week on Reuters, William Phelan, president and founder of PayNet, noted that small business loan default rates since 2006 were at about 6.9 percent—much lower than the 12.9 percent default rate that Moody’s Investors Service estimates for high-yield bonds.

Plus, data from PayNet—which provides small business credit history data and analytics for lenders—indicates that the small business default rate for loans will drop to 4.6 percent this year and will drop further next year—to 3.9 percent.

Oct 08

Use cash to support the supply chain

Posted by dbedell in Wal-Martsupplierssmall business lendingSiemensIBMHPfinancial supply chainDPOdays payables outstandingcash flow forecastingCash


Cash-rich companies are starting to spend again-both on buying up cheap assets and on repurchasing shares, according to a number of media reports. But they also continue to use that cash to more effectively manage their supply chain, reduce cost of goods sold, and ensure supplier stability.

Enrico Camerinelli, senior analyst at Aite Group, says that very large corporates that are cash rich are not ready to put money in bank deposits, but still want to put it to good use. "They are looking at ways to use this cash to ensure business continuity, particularly by helping suppliers still in difficult situations without access to bank funding," Camerinelli says.

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