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Jan 07

Why small business jobs are overrated

Posted by Stephen Taub in workforceworkerssmall businesssmall and medium-sized businessjobsjob securityCashCareers/Management

Stephen Taub

Here we go again.

The disappointing number of jobs created in December has renewed calls for incentives to boost hiring by small companies. After all, goes the conventional wisdom, most new jobs are created by the puniest companies in our country, the backbone of the US economy.

Oct 01

Bridging the online/on-ground divide

Posted by dbedell in TechnologySMEsmall and medium-sized businessQuickBooksNetflixfinancial management solutionsERPenterprise resource planninge-commerceCRMBlockbusterBarnes & Nobleamazon


Small and medium-sized companies can take advantage of a wealth of integrated technology solutions to help them manage online commerce and financial processes through a single package. This can be a great help in reducing the headache of handling the complex interweave of online and on-the-ground financial operations.

Being a bricks and mortar company was once considered the only way to truly get big and stay big in the retail world. Then came the online shopping revolution, and people said that it was bricks and clicks companies—those with big footprints on the ground and a solid online strategy—that would rule the hearts and minds of shoppers.

Sep 21

New portal to help suppliers bid large corporate contracts

Posted by dbedell in web portal, UPSTechnologysupply chainsmall and medium-sized businessPfizer, large-cap company, IBMcontract managementCitiCashbiztechBank of AmericaAT&T;


Small suppliers in the US will soon have an easier mechanism to bid for large corporate contracts, as a consortium of firms have announced the launch of Supplier Connection—a portal geared at simplifying and standardizing the application process for large corporate contracts.

The site, which is expected to launch early next year, is being set up by IBM, AT&T, Pfizer, UPS, Bank of America and Citi. To begin with, it will host applications for bids on their business, but will also open to other companies that want to sign up and participate as it grows.

Aug 11

Google, Verizon seek to erect barriers to Web entry

Posted by dbedell in wireless internetVerizonsmall and medium-sized businessRisknet neutralitymobileGoogleFCCbiztech


Without net neutrality there would be no Facebook, no YouTube, no internet 
giants that started in the dorm room of a couple of college kids.

Okay I take that back. Some of the ingenious and daring internet ideas that have changed the world as we know it would still exist, and possibly in the form that we now know. But quite possibly not. 

Aug 10

UK bank task force a political dance

Posted by dbedell in UKSMEsmall and medium-sized businessRiskDealsCreditCashbank lending


The six largest banks in the UK will set up a task force to evaluate the business lending landscape in the UK and look at ways to increase credit to UK companies. However, at first glace it appears this is just the next step in the political dance that the UK coalition government and the banking community have been sashaying to for quite some time.

First, the government says small businesses--the fuel for the furnace of recovery--need access to more credit in order to grow; then the banks say we have no money to lend because you are making us hold more in reserve; then--surprise, surprise--the banks all return to profit; then the government says okay now lend to small business; then the banks say they don’t want our money; then the government says okay, really guys, you must lend more to small business; then the banks say okay we will set up a task force to look at it….and the dance goes on.

Jul 28

Is small business optimism on the rise?

Posted by dbedell in SMEsmall businesssmall and medium-sized businessHSBCgrowthCashcapex


According to a new survey by HSBC, small business confidence worldwide is on the rise.

HSBC's Small Business Confidence Monitor measures the outlook of small-to-medium size enterprises on local economic growth, capital investment plans and recruitment. The survey found that 84 percent of SMEs across the globe are optimistic about local economic growth, and many respondents intend to increase capital expenditure and hire new employees over the next six months.

Jul 14

Small banks can’t lend even if they want to

Posted by mcole in treasurysmall and medium-sized businesslendingCreditcommunity banksCashBanks


Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke asked lenders to ease credit to small businesses earlier this week, but the situation isn't likely to change anytime soon.

With stricter lending standards, small community banks have stopped lending to small companies. Part of the problem is a lack of demand from solid businesses. Most want to save their cash and preserve their credit while there's still uncertainty surrounding the economic recovery.

Jun 08

SMIDs to banks: lend me money

Posted by Karen1 in small businesssmall and medium-sized businesslendingFederal Reserveeconomybanking industry


According to the Fed’s April 2010 survey on bank lending practices, almost all – 90-plus percent of – banks stayed the course when it came to lending to small and medium-sized firms. Just under six percent tightened standards, while about two percent eased up. 
As we wrote after the same survey came out in January, at that time, more than one-fourth of all banks reported weaker demand for commercial and industrial loans. Among small banks, 29.6 percent said demand had dropped. This time around, only 7 percent overall and 9.3 percent of small banks said that demand had dropped. 

The view from businesses themselves, however, shows a slightly different story. Most business owners participating in a recent survey by Greenwich Associates said the lending environment is tight. Less than one-fourth had borrowed money over the preceding three months, down from more than 40 percent in September 2009.  

May 18

Women-owned businesses need more capital to grow

Posted by dbedell in small and medium-sized businessentrepreneursCashCapital


The number of women-owned businesses has been skyrocketing for the past 30 years, and new enterprises now are twice as likely to be started by women as men. However, revenues for men-owned businesses continue to outstrip that of women-owned businesses by almost 75 percent, according to a report by Sharon Hadary, founding executive director of the Center for Women's Business Research and adjunct professor at the University of Maryland University College. 

Hadary’s report, which appeared in the WSJ on Sunday, cited Kaufman Foundation research, US Census of Women-Owned Business data, and Center for Women’s Business Research statistics showing the total number of women-owned private businesses in the US doubled between 1992 and 2006 – from 5.4 million to 10.4 million.

May 14

Think small, young CFO?

Posted by Going Concern in small businesssmall and medium-sized businessfinancial professionalscorporationsCareers/ManagementauditingAccounting

Going Concern

Submitted by Caleb Newquist, republished from Going Concern, Accounting News for Accountants and CFOs.

Accountemps released the results of a survey today that shows many chief financial officers think that the best place for accounting graduates to start their careers is in a "small to midsize company." The surprising thing about this particular survey is that the numbers aren't even close.

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