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Jun 18

BP's market value shows reputation gone

Posted by Ron F in Riskoil productionObama Administrationcash flowcash concernsCash

Ron F

The surest sign that BP's reputation has is worthless is the fact that its stock's market value is now about equal to the book value of its assets. After all, any premium over book value is normally considered to reflect a company's intangible assets, and in BP's case at the moment, its primary intangible is reputation, or rather the lack of one.

So observes Charles Mulford, an accounting professor at Georgia Tech and an editorial advisor to CFOZone.

Sep 24

How much oil is left?

Posted by kcates in Raymond Jamespeak oiloil productionMichael Ruppet, Karl Cates, Hubbert's PeakCollapse


Far be it from me to answer so colassal a question.

But others try. Take Michael Ruppert, the eccentric centerpiece of "Collapse," a documentary coming soon to a theater near you. Ruppert is a pretty well-known proponent of the notion that we've achieved peak oil - the point at which we can pull this much of the black stuff from the ground and no more. He's also a radical voice on the subject of Where We Go after the well runs dry, and his view of the future is apocalyptic. The movie is getting some serious buzz on the film festival circuit.

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