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Aug 19

Shippers’ results show growth in global trade

Posted by dbedell in trade, shippingprofitsgrowthglobal economycontainer shippingCash


Strong profit figures from a number of the world’s largest container shippers are the latest indicators that global trade is indeed on the increase.

Three of the biggest shipping container lines have each reported stronger-than-expected results in their latest reporting periods, sending a big signal that world trade is on the rise—as we discussed here. Shipping containers carry around 90 percent of global merchandise trade goods.

Aug 12

China’s closures will affect growth

Posted by dbedell in growthenergy intensityenergyeconomyChinaCash


China may be talking the talk of meeting energy reduction targets, but whether they will walk the walk long term remains to be seen.

And the impact of their energy reduction plan--to shut down 2,000 high-energy-use factories in heavy industries across the country--could have a big impact on the companies being targeted. Certainly a failure to comply will have a big effect.

Jul 28

Is small business optimism on the rise?

Posted by dbedell in SMEsmall businesssmall and medium-sized businessHSBCgrowthCashcapex


According to a new survey by HSBC, small business confidence worldwide is on the rise.

HSBC's Small Business Confidence Monitor measures the outlook of small-to-medium size enterprises on local economic growth, capital investment plans and recruitment. The survey found that 84 percent of SMEs across the globe are optimistic about local economic growth, and many respondents intend to increase capital expenditure and hire new employees over the next six months.

Jun 28

Mid-sized US companies look abroad for growth

Posted by mcole in unemployment, Riskgrowthglobal economydebtCreditconfidenceCareers/Management


In the midst of a slowdown of the US economic recovery and the possibility of a double-dip recession in Europe, US mid-sized businesses are remaining cautious about borrowing. But they are also relying less on cost cutting for growth, opting instead for international expansion, which could in turn boost the US economy.

According to a survey of nearly 650 US senior financial executives polled by HSBC's commercial banking division, US mid-sized businesses continue to express some caution, which is evident in their reluctance to take on new debt. "A surprising 60 percent of respondents stated that they have not applied for an increase in their credit line or for a new credit line in the past 12 months," HSBC said in a press release Monday.

Jun 17

Companies failing to rein in hospitals and docs

Posted by Jeremy Smerd in health insurancehealth carehealth and wellness programsgrowthbenefits

Jeremy Smerd

 As employers begin to evaluate their health benefits in anticipation of open enrollment, a new report by PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that medical costs will rise 9 percent next year. It sounds like a lot--and it is.

May 28

Treating investor schizophrenia

Posted by SherylNash01 in risk managementgrowthcorporate investor relationscareer/management


The competing demands of growth and risk management have never seemed more in conflict than they are today, according to an informal poll of corporate investor relations directors by the Corporate Executive Board, These IR folks say investors are demanding that companies not miss out on growth opportunities even as they worry that firms have not done enough to shore themselves up against the recession's emergence.

A contradiction? You bet. As economies start to recover at very different rates, investors want to know how managers plan to take advantage of those recovering quickest, while not being exposed to those posing the most risk. Yet those economies may often be one and the same.

May 11

Finance executives aim for growth while preserving discipline

Posted by mcole in RiskrecoverygrowthCFOCashcapex


Global senior finance executives are becoming more confident about the economic recovery, but they are proceeding with caution when it comes to spending their company's cash, according to a survey released Monday.

Finance executives have started to invest in growth-oriented categories such as sales and product development, while selectively increasing discretionary spending in areas such as marketing and technology, according to the third annual American Express/CFO Research Global Business & Spending Monitor, which polled 479 senior finance executives from the U.S., Europe, Canada, Mexico, Asia and Australia.

Mar 30

Wall Street to Main: We got ours

Posted by Ron F in Regulationrecoveryrecessiongrowthfat cat bankerseconomyconsumer spendingcareer/managementbanking reformbanking industry

Ron F

Two stories today say it all about the status of the economic recovery: Wall Street's doing fine, so who cares about Main Street?

Or at least that's the way the world seems to appear based on Bloomberg's reporting.

Mar 04

Why huge corporations are bad for the economy

Posted by Ron F in RegulationrecoveryrecessionNew York Fedjoblessnesshiringgrowthfinancial crisisemploymenteconomycompliancecapital expendituresBanksbanking reformbanking industryantitrust

Ron F

There are three pieces in the blogosphere today that touch on the fundamental problem with our economic system and why it will remain in a ditch, or just lurch onward to the next crisis, if it isn't addressed.

And that is monopoly. I'll leave aside the politics of that, which is addressed well enough by Thomas Franks over at the Wall Street Journal. In a nutshell, he warns of a return to feudalism, which I've done as well before.

Feb 03

CareerBuilder: 42 percent still jobless after a year

Posted by Stephen Taub in Obama Administrationjobsjoblessnesshiringgrowthcareers

Stephen Taub

The folks at CareerBuilder are desperately trying to put a positive spin on the dismal job market.

In a press release Wednesday the online employment firm celebrated the "resiliency" of Americans by pointing out the fact that 58 percent of those laid off in the last 12 months have found new positions. Nice try, guys.

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