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Aug 19

How health reform could reduce the federal deficit

Posted by Jeremy Smerd in health insurancehealth care reformgovernment finance

Jeremy Smerd

Last year, Medicare was predicted to run out of money by 2017. Now, Medicare is predicted to have enough money to last another 12 years. What changed? The answer is health reform.

At least that's the answer given in the Medicare Trustee's report issued August 5. The trustees oversee both Social Security and Medicare. The report states that health reform will save $575 billion over the next decade. That's because health reform raises taxes on high-income earners and eventually raises taxes on high-cost health benefits. The report also notes that savings are expected to come by reducing the number of uninsured hospital patients.

Aug 18

Keynes' biographer skewers deficit hawks

Posted by Ron F in recoveryrecessionObama Administrationgovernment financeglobal economyFederal ReserveFedeconomy, ECB, demanddefaultcareer/management

Ron F

This piece published today by Project Syndicate is as insightful a critique as I've seen of the consensus that has emerged among policymakers that government deficits must be cut to restore economic growth.

Not that we haven't taken a stab at that ourselves.

Mar 05

How Uncle Sam is more like a bank than a household

Posted by Ron F in Risk, Obama, government financefinancingdefaultCongresscapital expendituresbudgetBernankeBanking

Ron F

James Galbraith provides much-needed clarification of a point that has been obscured in the debate, if that's the right term, over the federal budget deficit at a time of recession.

And that is that when it comes to the economy, the government is more like a bank than a family household, in contrast to those who argue that the budget should be balanced at all times, and especially when times get tough. Even President Obama echoed that view in his State of the Union address when he said the government should "live within its means."

Nov 12

Ten states on the brink

Posted by RedConn in John Goffgovernment finance


And you thought Iceland was in deep financial trouble.

A new study conducted by the not-for-profit Pew Center shows that the land of Sportacus and hydrocarbons isn't the only location that's in dire financial straits. Closer to home, ten U.S. states are on the verge on insolvency, according to the research.

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