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Mixed year for corporate bond sales
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"The corporate brand is not only used to improve competitive positioning and express company aspirations, it can also be a powerful tool to motivate employees."

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Sep 14

Corporate VCs make value-destroying deals

Posted by annearf in venture capitalstartupscorporationsacquisitions


Independent venture capital firms aren't the only ones making VC investments. Many corporations also have their own investment operations.  Usually aimed at eventually buying the most promising startups, these entities often aren't run as independent business units.

Only their bets don't usually pay off, at least not for shareholders.

Aug 03

Why corporations may not care about the domestic economy

Posted by Ron F in recoveryrecessionoutsourcingoffshorejoblessnessglobal economyemployment growthemploymentemerging marketseconomy, earnings, demandcutting costscorporations

Ron F

Paul Krugman today once again bemoans the lack of Keynesianism in what passes for economic policymaking discussions these days, and I share that complaint.

However, Krugman may be missing part of the problem here, which is that those who pooh-pooh the prospect of deflation may actually not much care if it materializes, though they would be mistaken to do so.

May 14

Think small, young CFO?

Posted by Going Concern in small businesssmall and medium-sized businessfinancial professionalscorporationsCareers/ManagementauditingAccounting

Going Concern

Submitted by Caleb Newquist, republished from Going Concern, Accounting News for Accountants and CFOs.

Accountemps released the results of a survey today that shows many chief financial officers think that the best place for accounting graduates to start their careers is in a "small to midsize company." The surprising thing about this particular survey is that the numbers aren't even close.

Jan 21

The Supreme Court's campaign finance ruling lets corporations have it both ways

Posted by annearf in Supreme CourtMcCain-Feingoldcorporationscampaign finance


The Supreme Court just obliterated long-standing restrictions on how much corporations can spend to support or oppose political candidates. And it did so, largely based on an astoundingly hypocritical and nonsensical issue.

 The 5-4 vote overturned a ruling that corporations can't use their own money for campaign ads, although it didn't allow them to  make direct contributions. Also, the court struck down the McCain-Feingold provision prohibiting corporations and labor unions from financing political ads shortly before an election.

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