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"The corporate brand is not only used to improve competitive positioning and express company aspirations, it can also be a powerful tool to motivate employees."

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Jun 16

BP's legal options

Posted by dbedell in risk managementregulatory frameworkObama Administrationliability managementcorporate liabilityCashBP


With more than 100 federal and state cases already having been filed in connection with the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, it is hardly surprising that BP has hired advisers to help it sort out and control its liability exposure.

As Ron Fink reported on June 7, BP has waived its right to seek protection under a federal law that could have limited its liability to $75 million.

Mar 15

The perils of social networking and how to protect your company

Posted by SherylNash01 in Social Networkingdangers of social networkingcorporate liabilitycareer/management


             Social networking has exploded. With sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace, information is disseminated quickly and globally. While on one hand, this is a breakthrough in marketing and communications, there are hidden dangers for employers.

             Recent research from Proofpoint, a provider of email security and data loss prevention solutions, reveals that some 17 percent of US companies investigated the exposure of confidential, sensitive, or private information via a posting to a social networking site in the past 12 months; 10 percent have disciplined an employee for violating social networking policies in the past 12 months and 8 percent reported terminating an employee for such a violation. Additionally, 45 percent are highly concerned about the risk of information leakage via posts to social networking sites and two-thirds of US companies responding to the survey reported having a formal acceptable use policy for social networking.

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