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Apr 27

More hype about a bellwether's results

Posted by Ron F in unemployment, jobsjoblessnesshealth careGeneral ElectricGEemploymenteconomycost reductionconsumer spendingconstructionChinaCareers/ManagementbubblesAccounting

Ron F

By this point, press cheerleading for the economy is hardly newsworthy, and I'm not the first to notice the latest example.

But the down-is-up spin on Caterpillar's results cannot escape mention.  As the Business Insider notes, the Bloomberg story is tame by comparison with the ravings on CNBC yesterday.

Sep 03

Commercial real estate poised to implode?

Posted by annearf in lendingdelinquency rateconstructioncommercial real estate


I hate to rain on the parade celebrating signs of the recession's easing, but there's more evidence that the other shoe--commercial real estate--is about to drop.

I point to figures from Foresight Analytics, a real estate market consulting firm. First, recently released data on the second quarter shows that outstanding commercial construction loans--the amount of money being borrowed for construction--contracted by 2.2% from the previous quarter. That's compared to a modest increase of .3%  in the first quarter. Foresight predicts that downward trend will continue, thanks to a lack of new construction starts. It also is the first major contraction since 2003.

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