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Oct 21

The new barbell-shaped economy

Posted by annearf in small business, Intuit, ERPconsolidationbusiness trends


We're moving towards a "barbell" economy and it's a trend that will impact companies of every size.

That's one conclusion of a recent report on small-business trends over the next decade, from Intuit and Emergent Research. Specifically, the prediction is that there will be fewer, larger global giants on the one end, a narrow middle of mid-sized firms that increasingly will be gobbled up by big players, and a big group of small and micro businesses at the other end.

Sep 07

BA-Iberia draw up an airline shopping list

Posted by dbedell in US Airwaysmergers and acquisitionsIberiaDealsconsolidationBritish Airwaysairlines


British Airways (BA) will continue its acquisition streak after the completion of its merger with Iberia Airlines of Spain. Execs at the two companies have apparently been drawing up a shortlist of potential targets, according to Tuesday’s FT.

BA chief Willie Walsh let it be known that there are 12 names on the list—including both full-service carriers from diverse emerging economies and a few budget carriers as well.

Oct 06

To avoid future crises, we need….bigger banks?

Posted by MQuinn in Regulation, investment banking, financial crisisconsolidation


Leave it to a banker to argue that we might be better off with bigger banks.

The New York Times' Dealbook blog has been conducting for the last two days an online roundtable discussion on the roots of the financial crisis and what comes next. And one of the participants -- Jonathan A. Knee, a senior managing director at Evercore Partners and author of "The Accidental Investment Banker: Inside the Decade that Transformed Wall Street." -- basically proposes that head-scratcher of a regulatory solution.

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