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Feb 19

Mistaking foreign-produced EPS for U.S. GDP

Posted by Ron F in Riskrecoveryrecessioneuropeeconomy, earnings, dollardemandcompanies

Ron F

There's an obvious distinction to be made between exports and corporate earnings when gauging the impact of the dollar's value in relation to other currencies, but this report fails miserably to make that clear.

Yes, a rising dollar will hurt both exports and the ability of U.S.-based multinational corporations that don't hedge currency risk to meet their earnings targets. But those are two entirely different things.

Dec 28

Stock rally reflects no real gain in corporate profits: report

Posted by Ron F in profitsjoblessness, earnings, cost cuttingcompaniescapital expenditures

Ron F

There's a valuable insight buried deep in this Bloomberg story, but it's difficult to ferret out. So let me help.

Essentially, the article argues that the stock market rally is a bubble, because the big rise in stock prices so far in 2009 hasn't reflected real gains in profitability. That's based on an analysis of last year's performance of the S&P 500 in terms of return on investment capital.

Oct 08

Norwegian pension fund targets more U.S. companies

Posted by Ron F in managementinvestmentscompaniesbailout

Ron F

Anyone who thinks sovereign wealth funds are passive, long-term investors ought to think twice as a result of this development.

But contrary to this take on the topic, what's happening is entirely to be expected. As managers of the Norwegian state pension fund with significant equity holdings, Norges Bank Investment Management is seeking to have four U.S. companies split the role of CEO and chairman, including Harris Corp., Clorox, Parker-Hannifin, and Cardinal Health, after getting Sara Lee to do just that.  

Sep 28

Wal-Mart is us, poll finds

Posted by RedConn in John Goffcompanies


A new survey conducted by Sixty Minutes and Vanity Fair, which was reported by the AP, yielded some surprising results. At the top of the list: giant retailer Wal-Mart was named as the company that best symbolizes the good ol U.S. of A.

It's hard to tell if the respondents meant this in a good way or not. Nevertheless, the poll offered up some other unusual results as well, particularly the way some Americans would fight obesity.

Aug 26

Middle managers feel the squeeze

Posted by annearf in middle managerscompaniesC-level executives


In the world of corporate America, middle managers are bearing the brunt of the economic crisis.

So says a study recently conducted by McKinsey examining how corporate directors, C-level executives, and middle managers feel the downturn has affected their professional roles and responsibilities.

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