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"The corporate brand is not only used to improve competitive positioning and express company aspirations, it can also be a powerful tool to motivate employees."

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May 04

Will treasury operations ever be centralized?

Posted by the Benche in treasuryTechnology, efficiency, cost reductioncost cuttingchanging role of treasurers, cash management, cash concernsCashaccounts receivable

the Benche

Submitted by Niclas Osmund, republished from the Benche, a financial community for corporate treasurers. 

 A majority of treasury managers and professionals wish for more centralisation of a number of activities. For example payments, collections, liquidity structures and organisation set-ups. But, it doesn't seem to happen.

This is one of the conclusions we can draw from a survey that SEB together with GTNews has conducted every year since 2006. In the areas mentioned they state having a de-centralised set-up but have a strong wish to centralise. This is consistent and doesn't seem to change over the years.

Apr 07

Crisis puts corporate treasurers in the spotlight

Posted by SherylNash01 in corporate treasurerschanging role of treasurerscareer/management


The global economic crisis of the past two years has transformed corporate priorities, pushing financial risk management to the top of the list. In turn, this shift has raised the profile of the executive often responsible for managing that risk - the corporate treasurer.

"Historically, treasurers have been seen as important, but rather hidden. But treasury and risk are now permanently on the board's agenda," said Jamie Smith, group head of tax and treasury for manufacturer Smiths Group, in a recent report from executive search firm Spencer Stuart, called "The Corporate Treasurer Takes Center Stage."

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