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Dec 14

Electronic payments rule the roost

Posted by dbedell in paymentsFederal Reserveelectronic paymentsdebit cardsCash

With vastly-improving payments infrastructure leading the way, electronic payments have clearly taken hold for both business-to-business and consumer-to-business payments.

A new payments study out by the Federal Reserve--the fourth in a series that is released every three years-finds that big changes are afoot in the payments landscape. For instance, electronic payments now account for three quarters of all payments, by number of payments. In addition, since the last survey came out, not only have debit cards surpassed checks as the most-used non-cash instrument, but also prepaid card use has increased dramatically.

Plus, checks have declined at a faster rate than ever and the use of credit cards as a payment mechanism declined for the first time since the studies began.

Dec 10

Where are VC dollars going?

Posted by dbedell in venture capitalTechnologyFinanceCash


Venture capital investment may be declining, but not for start-ups. Early stage financings continue to hold the imagination of VC investors, according to a new report out by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) and the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA).

The report provides an update on venture capital investing in the third quarter of the year, and put investment activity at $4.8 billion in VC dollars spent on 780 deals over the quarter. This is a pretty significant decline from the previous quarter, which saw $6.9 billion spent on 962 deals.

Dec 09

The Philippines: The call center capital of the world

Posted by annearf in the Phillipinesrural sourcingoutsourcingCashcall centers

Looks like the Indian outsourcing industry is up against a growing threat: the Philippines. Thanks to an aggressive and systematically planned push by the government, that country has become a more significant force in the call center market.

 Of course, a population of well-educated English speakers also helps.

Dec 09

How to spend it: valuing cash allocation strategies

Posted by dbedell in S&P; 500organic growthCashcapital spend


Got some cash to blow? Not sure how to spend it? Well, according to recent research by Standard & Poor's, not all cash allocation strategies are created equal.

It behoves the cash-conscious CFO to do some benchmarking and take a look back at how successful certain strategies were during the crisis to get a better handle on planning exercises going forward.

Dec 09

Sharp increase in CFO hiring plans

Posted by Stephen Taub in revenuesjobshiringCashCareers/ManagementBank of America Merrill Lynch

Stephen Taub

It is all about growth.

Finance execs are more upbeat about their hiring plans. And this is happening at the same time they are concerned about issues like health care reform, the budget deficit and housing.

Dec 08

Companies face big tax hikes for state jobless funds

Posted by Stephen Taub in unemployment insurance fundunemploymenttaxesCash

Stephen Taub

The Federal government giveth, the states taketh away.

The same week businesses learned they could receive some tax breaks from the Federal government, a number of cash strapped governments announced sizable hikes in unemployment rates.

Dec 07

Pension plan funding continues slow gains

Posted by Stephen Taub in pensionspension fundsPension Benefit Guaranty CorporationCashBNY Mellon Pension ServicesBNY Mellon Asset Management

Stephen Taub

Pension plans' funding status improved again last month as stocks and interest rates continued to climb.

The typical US corporate pension plan in November saw its status inch up to 80.5 percent from 80.3 percent the prior month, according to monthly statistics published by BNY Mellon Asset Management.    

Assets for the typical plan declined 0.4 percent. A slight gain of 0.6 percent in the US equity markets was offset by a drop of 4.8 percent in international stocks, according to the BNY Mellon.

Dec 03

Financials elude credit quality gains

Posted by Stephen Taub in upgradesFitch RatingsFitchfinancial institutionsdowngradesdefault ratecorporate default rateCash

Stephen Taub

Credit quality continued to improve in the third quarter...except for financials.

According to a new report from Fitch Ratings, global corporate rating activity year-to-date through the third quarter of 2010 was net positive, with a downgrade to upgrade ratio of 0.9 to 1.

Dec 02

Are small business borrowers really paying attention?

Posted by annearf in Small Business Jobs and Credit Actsmall businesslendingCashBanks

The Obama administration and the SBA may have tried recently to loosen small business lending through new legislation. But a new study shows they have a long ways to go to reach small companies-or even to get them to understand what the SBA does.

 A study from CIT Group, which surveyed more than 300 small business owners, found that around 50 percent of respondents didn't know what the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act was or how it might help their companies. The study was conducted before the bill was signed into law. Still, it's legislation you'd think small businesses would have noticed, since it does such things as eliminating borrowers' fees, raising the loan guarantee to 90 percent from 75 percent, and increasing loan limits.  It also creates a $30 billion lending fund to community banks.

Dec 01

The opportunity in impact investing

Posted by annearf in socially reponsible investingRiskJP Morganimpact investingCash

One of the latest offshoots of socially responsible investing is called impact investing. It's aimed at creating investments with a social and/or environmental impact, as well as financial returns. To that end, it seeks to differentiate itself from traditional socially responsible investing, by focusing on enterprises that actively seek to do good, rather than those that merely avoid doing harm. That means businesses, for example, providing customers with access to water or housing or creating quality jobs. In a short time, it's attracted the interest of everyone from major financial institutions and pension funds to foundations, commercial banks, family offices, and wealth managers. The list includes such heavy-hitters as Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and Prudential Financial.

 But as I wrote recently, one of the big questions about impact investing is just what kind of returns you can get. Now a new report from JP Morgan, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Global Impact Investing Network, provides at least some preliminary answers. The first large-scale data analysis of return expectations, it includes comparisons to established benchmarks for emerging and developed market debt and equity returns with data on over 1,100 investments. And it provides an estimate for potential returns and total investment opportunity over the next 10 years.

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