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Mar 19

A manufacturing rebound? Where?

Posted by Ron F in unemployment, recoveryrecessionFederal Reserveeconomycareer/managementbonds

Ron F

Some of the recent press reports about US industrial activity make it sound as if manufacturing sector were roaring back to life. Would that that were so.

But wishful thinking is just that. Here's the reality, folks. Industrial capacity utilization seems to have hit bottom last June at 68.2 percent, but it's now only 72.6 percent, and that's still the lowest it's been since 1973 except for the low-point during the 1981 recession, when it bottomed at 70.9 percent.

Mar 17

Bracing for proxy season

Posted by SherylNash01 in shareholdersproxy seasoncorporate governancecareer/managementannual meetings


With so much uncertainty over the economic outlook, the upcoming annual meeting season could prove challenging for finance executives. Here are the concerns that accounting and consulting firm BDO Seidman says you should expect to address this year.

Planning for a recovery. Given many forecasts for a slow, uneven economic recovery, shareholders will want to know if the company has adopted a comprehensive plan based on real-time reporting that will provide management with the ability to react quickly to opportunities or risks.

Mar 15

The perils of social networking and how to protect your company

Posted by SherylNash01 in Social Networkingdangers of social networkingcorporate liabilitycareer/management


             Social networking has exploded. With sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace, information is disseminated quickly and globally. While on one hand, this is a breakthrough in marketing and communications, there are hidden dangers for employers.

             Recent research from Proofpoint, a provider of email security and data loss prevention solutions, reveals that some 17 percent of US companies investigated the exposure of confidential, sensitive, or private information via a posting to a social networking site in the past 12 months; 10 percent have disciplined an employee for violating social networking policies in the past 12 months and 8 percent reported terminating an employee for such a violation. Additionally, 45 percent are highly concerned about the risk of information leakage via posts to social networking sites and two-thirds of US companies responding to the survey reported having a formal acceptable use policy for social networking.

Mar 10

Directors' pay now under the spotlight

Posted by SherylNash01 in corporate governancecorporate boardscorporate board compensationcareer/management


The spotlight over executive compensation is extending to that of those who set CEO pay, says Ralph Ward, editor of governance monthly Boardroom Insider.

While there was a post-Sarbanes-Oxley run-up in public company board pay, when the economy tanked, directors felt the pain too. The last couple of years their pay has been flat. Primarily because much board pay now comes in stock and options, boards felt the stock market's woes before the recent rally in their paychecks.

Mar 08

Many bank CEOs were paid extra for non performance

Posted by SherylNash01 in retirement benefits, pensionsexecutive compensationcareer/managementbonuses


When does no bonus still mean a bonus? When pension payments compensate for the absence of cash rewards.

A new report from The Corporate Library, an independent corporate governance research firm, found that 17 CEOs of financial services firm who were not paid bonuses in 2008 received substantial increases in their pension or other retirement benefits. In fact, more than one tenth of CEOs of S&P 500 companies found themselves in this situation in 2008, compared with only one company in 2007.

Mar 04

Are you a value integrator? (say yes)

Posted by Stephen Taub in risk assessmentRiskfinanacial reportingCFOsCareers/Managementcareer/management

Stephen Taub

Tough economic times have thrust Chief Financial Officers under a glaring spotlight. The finance departments have had to address urgent capital acquisition, cash flow and revenue challenges. They also were drawn into more frequent boardroom conversations about forecasts, profitability, risk management and strategic decisions related to supply chains, pricing and production.

As a result, CFOs have attained even more influence at the enterprise level. Unfortunately, Finance's effectiveness lags - particularly in broader areas of responsibility and impact, where company success often hinges on the CFO's advice.

These are the stark conclusions of a comprehensive new study of over 1,900 Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and senior finance executives from 81 countries and 35 industries worldwide, conducted by IBM.

Mar 04

Nets try tax prep promotion to boost attendance

Posted by Going Concern in taxespromotionsCPAscareer/management

Going Concern

Submitted by Caleb Newquist, republished from Going Concern, Accounting News for Accountants and CFOs.

Okay, who's got no plans on Friday? Work? Bah. How about you go to the Nets game against the Orlando Magic instead? Sure they're terrible but you'll get a coupon that is redeemable at a Roni Deutch Tax Center to get your state return done for free (a $29 value!).

Mar 02

AIG’s big act of good faith

Posted by MQuinn in M&A;, insurance, Dealscareer/managementbailoutsAIG


I've previously railed against American International Group for dragging its feet in repaying the $180 billion it owes to the U.S. government, so I need to tip my cap to it for the $35.5 billion deal it struck with Prudential for its Asian insurance division.

And unlike some previous deals, AIG will use a major chunk of cash from the sale of the unit -- $25 billion -- to pay down a credit line it has with the Federal Reserve. (The insurer will take the remaining $10.5 billion in Prudential securities.)

It's a move the company had to make, really, especially as it continues to lobby against the pay caps the government has imposed. 

Feb 27

The dismal debate over the dismal jobs picture

Posted by Ron F in recoveryrecessionjoblessnessFederal Reserveemploymenteconomycareer/managementBernanke

Ron F

The lousy job picture continues to inspire debate over the need for further government stimulus, though I have to say that much of the debate is less than inspiring.

Take Ben Bernanke's comments to Barney Frank yesterday. As fund manager Marshall Auerbach notes today, the Fed chairman admits that the U.S. cannot default on its debt so long as Congresss lets the Treasury borrow by boosting the debt ceiling.

Feb 23

Yet another look at the Fed's rate hike

Posted by Ron F in monetary policyFederal ReserveeconomyCashcareer/management

Ron F

My piece from last Friday on the Fed's hike in the discount rate really requires a mea culpa.

But I really wasn't sure how to correct it, simply because so much else out there seemed equally off the mark, if in a different way.

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