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May 26

KeyCorp shareholders say no on pay

Posted by Stephen Taub in stock optionsSay on PayriskMetricsexecutive compensationCareers/Managementbonuses

Stephen Taub

 The anti-executive pay movement is building momentum.

About 55 percent of shareholders of KeyCorp last week gave the thumbs down on the bank's pay package contained in its proxy during an advisory vote.

May 21

Shareholder, public pressure tamping down executive pay

Posted by annearf in Say on PayIn complianceexecutive compensationdefined benefit planscareer


 If the recent "no" Say- on- Pay votes at Motorola and Occidental Petroleum   indicate anything, it's that shareholder activism and populist ire regarding executive compensation have real legs. The majority of shareholders at those companies rejected proposed pay packages in a non-binding vote. But those decisions are only the tip of the iceberg, at least as far as changes to executive comp go.

In fact, over the last 24 months, public and shareholder pressure has led one in three Fortune 500 companies to change their executive pay plans, according to Doug Frederick, head of Mercer's Executive Benefits Group, who was quoted recently in And,  in case you were wondering, those changes generally haven't involved increases.

May 05

Say on pay backers declare first victory

Posted by Stephen Taub in stock optionsSay on PayriskMetricsrestricted stockproxy accesspay for performancecompliancecompensation

Stephen Taub

"Investors Reject Motorola's Pay Practices," exclaims the headline on the blog posted by RiskMetrics.

The proxy advisory firm said Motorola received just 46 percent support during an advisory vote on its executive pay practices, citing as its source investors who attended the company's May 3 annual meeting.

Mar 16

What Dodd or others can’t mandate

Posted by Stephen Taub in sox 404Say on PaySarbanes-Oxleyratingsexecutive compensationdirectorscredit-rating agenciesCredit RatingsConsumer Financial Protection AgencyChristopher DoddChris Dodd, bankruptcy, Banking

Stephen Taub

You have to hand it to Senator Chris Dodd. For someone who has heavily depended on the generosity of the largest banks and investment firms for his fund-raising, he has proposed a pretty impressive bill for further regulating the financial firms....given the current environment in Washington, of course.

I am not confident it will prevent another AIG, Lehman or Bear Stearns. The current poisoned partisanship in Washington on both sides of the aisle wouldn't support that kind of onerous bill.

Mar 08

Why say on pay is overrated

Posted by Stephen Taub in Walden Asset ManagementSay on PayriskMetricsproxy seasonDeloittecompensation

Stephen Taub

The shareholder activist set is getting giddy over Say on Pay. They now count 50 companies agreeing to hold a non-binding up or down vote on the compensation table tucked into the proxy at the annual meeting.

This does not include all of the TARP recipients that are required to have annual advisory votes.

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