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Mixed year for corporate bond sales
stephen taub

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"The corporate brand is not only used to improve competitive positioning and express company aspirations, it can also be a powerful tool to motivate employees."

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Dec 09

How to spend it: valuing cash allocation strategies

Posted by dbedell in S&P; 500organic growthCashcapital spend


Got some cash to blow? Not sure how to spend it? Well, according to recent research by Standard & Poor's, not all cash allocation strategies are created equal.

It behoves the cash-conscious CFO to do some benchmarking and take a look back at how successful certain strategies were during the crisis to get a better handle on planning exercises going forward.

Nov 08

More good news about corporate earnings

Posted by Stephen Taub in S&P; 500earnings forecast, earnings, Cash

Stephen Taub

Perhaps the most encouraging piece of business-related news I have read in a long time was reported by Bloomberg this morning. It also probably explains why the stock market has been surging since the beginning of September.

The wire service reported that 198 companies lifted their earnings estimates above analysts' forecasts in October while 130 companies reduced them. Bloomberg said this is the biggest gap since it began tracking this data in 1999.

Oct 25

Improve proxy statements to better define risk management

Posted by dbedell in S&P; 500risk oversightrisk managementRiskDeloittecorporate governancecompliance


Companies are focused on compliance with new proxy disclosure rules, but they may not be providing the whole picture of the company’s risk management strategy, according to a new report out by corporate advisory firm Deloitte.

In analyzing proxy statements by 398 S&P 500 companies, Deloitte found that although companies were meeting basic compliance requirements for risk oversight, they fell short of providing vital information on risk management practices—information which could provide greater comfort to regulators, investors and other stakeholders into risk mitigation efforts at the company.

Jul 06

Rating agencies increasingly irrelevant

Posted by dbedell in unrated bondS&P; 500Dealscredit-rating agenciesCredit Ratingsbrand


As companies branch out beyond traditional funding sources, many are considering tapping the unrated bond market. Investors are snapping up deals – enjoying the higher returns from unrated bonds—and companies are starting to recognize that demand. While they may have to pay a premium to make up for the lack of a rating, and the disclosures that go with it, the development could augur less reliance on rating agencies, whose value has been called into question.

A number of deals have gone forward in both the US and in Europe—although more in Europe, which traditionally has a larger unrated market. For example, UK rail company National Express launched a $570 million, 7-year deal in January, which came in with a coupon of 6.25 percent.

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