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Nov 14

More troubles with ERP implementations

Posted by Karen1 in SAPPanorama ConsultingLumber LiquidatorsERP


When Lumber Liquidators announced third quarter results last week, management indicated that the work on its SAP implementation, including  warehouse management and inventory control systems, and an integrated merchandising and product allocation system, significantly impacted results. The work on the implementation reduced "productivity, primarily across store and warehouse operations, including less effective conversion of customer demand into invoice sales."

Sales for the quarter inched up by $6.7 million, to $147.2 million, while net income dropped by 45 percent, to $4.3 million. The lower productivity from the SAP work cost the company between $12 and $14 million in unrealized net sales, the announcement said.

Nov 09

Tech Tuesdays (November 9)

Posted by dbedell in trade financeTechnologySAPJP Morgan Treasury ServicesFinanceDeutsche BankCashBlackberry


Deutsche Bank has launched a web-based trade finance tool for trade guarantee management. The syndicated guarantee management tool allows companies, syndication banks, and agents to access information on guarantee transactions and capture instructions in real-time, and automate information transfer.

It includes extensive reporting functions, customization, and is fully integrated with Deutsche Bank’s other corporate client solutions.

Oct 19

Tech Tuesdays (October 19)

Posted by dbedell in web portal, TechnologySAPpayrollNational Automated Clearing House AssociationNACHAIT2ITe-invoicingCashBaswareAssociation for Financial ProfessionalsAmerican Payroll AssociationAmerican ExpressAFPaccounts receivable, accounts payable


Global subsea equipment manufacturing and service company DOF Subsea has selected IT2 to provide a centralized treasury management system for the enterprise. The company will make use of IT2’s solutions for cash forecasting; liquidity management; risk management and hedging programs for foreign exchange and interest rate exposures; debt management; and treasury accounting; among other things.

DOF Subsea will access the system through IT2 NET—the system provider’s web portal, and the solution will interface with the company’s counterparties and third-party solution providers—including Nordea Bank, Agresso—for accounting; the Shipnet solution for A/P and A/R management; and Reuters.

Sep 29

Is data mapping getting easier?

Posted by dbedell in transformation engineTechnologysupply chain financeSCFSAPERPenterprise resource planningelectronic invoicing, EIPP, biztechBasware


Yesterday, in our Tech Tuesdays roundup, we reported on Acco Brands Europe picking up an invoice processing and automation solution to help improve STP in the purchase-to-pay cycle. But with any such implementation, my first question is always "what about the integration?"

It is all well and good to say that deployment was web-based or the implementation and testing phase took x-number of weeks or months, but that gives no indication of the time and effort involved in not only setting up and configuring the system, but also, and more importantly, preparing the connections between that system and all the various internal and external systems that will touch on the functioning of that solution.

Sep 15

CFOs want quick ROI on IT spend

Posted by dbedell in working capitalSAPreturn on investmentinnovationdays' sales outstandingCIOschief financial officerCFOCashbiztechAT Kearney


CFOs and CIOs have very different priorities when it comes to IT spend, and that dichotomy is not likely to change any time soon, even as IT budgets are starting to once again increase.

After being slashed to almost nil during the height of the crisis for many corporations across sector and size, IT budgets are beginning to rise.

Aug 27

HP, Dell throttle up in 3Par chase

Posted by dbedell in SAPmergers and acquisitions, M&A;, HPGoogleDellDeals


HP and Dell on Friday continued their battle royale for 3Par, the data management and cloud computing firm. The deal is the latest in a long string of transactions this summer by big tech firms in their efforts to become even bigger—and move into territory now held by their competitors.

The battle has been raging since the start of last week, when Dell first put in an offer at $18 a share for all outstanding shares of the data storage firm. 3Par accepted. HP came in to the foray this past Monday—offering $24 a share. Dell sneaked in a bid at $24.30 Thursday morning this week, and HP came back that afternoon with a $27 offer.

Aug 27

Upscale California county scrapping Deloitte-installed SAP system

Posted by Going Concern in SAPERPDeloittebiztechBig FourBig 4auditorsauditingaudit feesaudit

Going Concern

Submitted by Caleb Newquist, republished from Going Concern, Accounting News for Accountants and CFOs.

Jun 07

Tech M&A; could yield surprise result

Posted by dbedell in TechnologySAPOraclemergers and acquisitionsHPDealsbiztech


M&A activity is booming in the corporate IT industry, as a raft of deals have been announced by hardware, software and service suppliers of corporate technology solutions. This could be a boon for companies down the road, as big vendors buy up technology to build out their infrastructure and move closer to IT solution convergence.

IBM CEO Sam Palmisano said in late May that the company plans to spend $20 billion on acquisitions over the next four years, and started things off by announcing the $1.4 billion acquisition of Sterling Commerce from AT&T. The hardware giant had already picked up data integration specialist Cast Iron Systems earlier in the month. And HP recently announced plans to take over networking hardware vendor 3Com and IT services firm EDS.

Feb 09

SAP tries to get happy

Posted by MQuinn in TechnologysoftwareSAPmoraleCEOsCareers/Managementbiztech


In the third season of The Simpsons, Mr. Burns sells his nuclear power plant to two German investors, who ultimately wind up selling the plant back to him at a huge loss. After its clear they are going to take a bath on the investment, one of the investors warns Mr. Burns, "Okay, Mr. Burns, you win. But beware. We Germans aren't all smiles and sunshine."

It's safe to say that particular German has no place in the new SAP.

Jan 15

SAP caves to pressure, offers cheaper support package

Posted by MQuinn in SAPpricingmanagementbusiness support


Score one for the customer. Business management software maker SAP unveiled a new, tiered support system on Thursday with cheaper options, caving to pressure from users.

The new model will offer all customers a choice between its customizable enterprise support package and a cheaper, standard package with basic support functions.

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