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Dec 22

M&A; wages an uphill fight in Q4

Posted by mcole in private equity, Morgan Stanely Smith Barneymergers and acquisitions, leverage, Goldman Sachs


Global mergers and acquisitions activity has picked up in the fourth quarter and is on pace to be the best three-month stretch of deal making since the third quarter of 2008, when equity markets collapsed and Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy.

Even leveraged buyout activity -- which had largely disappeared when the credit markets froze -- rose, but mostly with small transactions. Looking to next year, however, large LBOs may become more frequent, according to mergermarket's preliminary M&A roundup for the fourth quarter.

The fourth quarter has been a particularly good one for Morgan Stanley, which is likely to jump to the top of the global league table for the first time in recent years, taking the top spot from Goldman Sachs.

"The dynamic duo of the M&A world have benefited from advising clients across the globe on the majority of the largest transactions in sectors as far apart as Australian commodities and American healthcare and technology," mergermarket said in the report released Monday.

Goldman Sachs would keep the top spot in the U.S. league table though, according to preliminary numbers.

Aug 21

The always-curious case of Morgan Stanley’s strategy

Posted by MQuinn in TradingMorgan Stanely Smith Barneymanagement, investment banking, Goldman Sachs


For being one of the last two formerly independent brokerages standing, Morgan Stanley somehow still feels like it's a day late and a dollar short.

One day it's an aggressive risk taker, the next it pulls off the pedal only to step on it again. But each time the decision is a tad off.

On Friday there was the news that Morgan Stanley is planning to hire as many as 400 traders and salespeople. The move comes after its lousy second quarter, during which everyone seemed to be making a killing trading fixed income securities. Everyone except Morgan Stanley.

Aug 11

For bailed out banks, it's business as usual

Posted by annearf in UBSMorgan Stanely Smith Barney, JPMorgan Chase, investmentscredit default swapCongressoinal Oversight PanelCitigroup


Surely, the recent report from the Congressional Oversight Panel that banks have done little to address the toxic assets on their books, underscores a fundamental point:  The government bailout has mostly allowed the usual suspects to keep on conducting business as usual.

In fact, here's more evidence. A bunch of banks have come up with new and improved products and investments, and, while they don't have the potential to bring down the global economy, they sound pretty risky to me.

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