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Mar 30

Mistaking a recovery for a default?

Posted by Ron F in RiskrecoveryrecessionGreenspanfinancingfinancial crisisFederal Reserveeconomydefaultcareer/managementbudget

Ron F

What does the recent "spike" in bond yields really mean? To listen to folks like Greenspan or Robert Samuelson, it means investors are worried about US creditworthiness.

And while I've gone on about this twice the past few days, here's a more useful reality check, courtesy of James Hamilton, a professor of finance at the University of California at San Diego who the Fed actually pays some attention to.

Mar 29

What's the deficit for, anyway?

Posted by Ron F in RiskrecoveryrecessionGreenspaneconomyCareers/Managementcapital expendituresbudgetbubbles

Ron F

One last point in connection with last Friday's rant about Alan Greenspan and Jamie Galbraith occurs to me, thanks to an interesting post this morning by Steve Randy Waldman.

The point has to do with investors' concerns about the deficit and their faith, or lack thereof, in the creditworthiness of the US.

Mar 27

Galbraith vs. Greenspan: You be the judge

Posted by Ron F in unemployment, RiskRegulationrecoveryrecession, Obama, Moody'sGreenspanfinancial crisisFederal Reserveeconomydowngradedefaultcost of capitalCongresscapital expendituresbanking reformbanking industry

Ron F

I see Bloomberg can't resist interviewing Alan Greenspan about the perils of federal budget deficits, because the former Maestro's crystal ball is just so marvelously clear that he accurately predicted the housing crisis, which he did nothing to create, and took majorly serious steps to forestall it.

Oh, none of that last clause is true? And the ex-Fedster went so far as offer the markets the "Greenspan put," which is the ultimate "too big to fail" deal when you think about it?

Jan 14

The Fed knew banks were like Enron in 2004

Posted by Ron F in RiskRegulationGreenspanFederal ReserveFASBcomplianceBanksAccounting

Ron F

I hate to say I told you so, but the chairman of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission just made me do it.

Phil Angelides asked on Thursday morning why the accounting rules continued to allow banks to hide bad assets off their balance sheets, just like Enron did.

Oct 28

The EU is turning big banks into smaller banks

Posted by kcates in treasury, Obama, Northern Rock, Karl Cates, ING, GreenspanBarney Frank


In a move that sent jitters through the banking industry this week - and that may yet infect the U.S. - the European Union told public-bailout recipient ING to get rid of its insurance holdings and focus on its original business - banking.

It's the fallout of the devilish deal ING implicitly bought into when it accepted public aid, and it reduces Amsterdam-based ING's status enormously - its insurance business is what it's known best for.

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