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Nov 09

Tech Tuesdays (November 9)

Posted by dbedell in trade financeTechnologySAPJP Morgan Treasury ServicesFinanceDeutsche BankCashBlackberry


Deutsche Bank has launched a web-based trade finance tool for trade guarantee management. The syndicated guarantee management tool allows companies, syndication banks, and agents to access information on guarantee transactions and capture instructions in real-time, and automate information transfer.

It includes extensive reporting functions, customization, and is fully integrated with Deutsche Bank’s other corporate client solutions.

Nov 05

Goldman Sachs' Small Businesses initiative leaves questions unanswered

Posted by dbedell in small business lendingsmall businessFinanceCash


Goldman Sachs has announced a partnership with small-business and microfinance developer Opportunity Finance Network to launch the 10,000 Small Businesses CDFI Small Business Financing Initiative.

Opportunity Finance Network is an organization supporting community development financial institutions (CDFIs) that provide small and micro businesses in the US with development loans—in particular for low-wealth and low-income individuals and companies.

Oct 12

Accounting, finance starting pay to rise 3.1 percent

Posted by Stephen Taub in tax services senior managerstax accounting managerssenior tax accountantsSenior financial analystsSenior compliance analystssenior auditorssenior auditorssalaryRobert Halffinancial analysis managersFinancecareerscareer/managementbusiness analysis managersAccounting

Stephen Taub

The unemployment rate may be stubbornly stuck above 9 percent and workers in most professions are afraid to ask for raises and feel like they are doing a lot more for the same pay.

However, this is not the case with accounting and finance professionals. According to Robert Half International's 2011 Salary Guide, starting salaries in these fields are expected to rise an average of 3.1 percent in the coming year. Business analysts, tax accountants and financial analysts are among the professionals projected to see notable increases.

Oct 06

UK mulls new solution to boost small business

Posted by nicklord in Finance


It has been reported that UK banks are in the process of setting up a pooled investment fund that would extend private equity finance to UK small businesses. The scheme is being overseen by the British Bankers Association and is understood to include most of the UK retail banking behemoths, such as RBS, Lloyds TSB, Barclays and HBOS.

The final details of the scheme are likely to come out in the next 10 days or so. But initial reports suggest that the fund could be up to £250 million at launch. It would also be expanded over coming years to a final size of around £500 million.

May 14

My mea culpa over the May 6 market glitch

Posted by Ron F in Tradingstock marketSecurities and Exchange CommissionRiskRegulation, Mary Schapiro, Financedark poolscost reductioncost of capitalcomplianceCapitalBanksbanking industry

Ron F

I owe former Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Arthur Levitt a sincere apology as a result of last week's stock market glitch.

It seems increasingly clear that electronic trading systems are to blame for the mysterious 1,000 point intra-day dive. And as Floyd Norris thoroughly explains today, their dominance reflects a decision to replace human, market-making specialists with technology.

Apr 13

Turning accountants into the new breed of CFOs

Posted by Going Concern in professional developmentFinanceCFOscareer/managementaccountants

Going Concern

Submitted by Adrienne Gonzalez, republished from Going Concern, Accounting News for Accountants and CFOs.

Let's face it, accountants aren't often featured as heroes in action flicks or romantic leads in love stories. And they're pretty much ignored by the media unless it involves blame and/or complicated financial rules that are just barely an accounting matter (accountants did not securitize every loan nor did some nefarious squad of beancounters dream up Repo 105).  Given that, it's pretty exciting to see the Washington Post heralding accountant-turned-CFO Carl Adams.

No, he doesn't have 12 mistresses and he hasn't gotten any DUIs (that we know of). But the smart professional is cool again.

Mar 18

GM’s finance operations not as bad as you’d think, new CFO says

Posted by MQuinn in turnaroundGeneral MotorsFinanceCFOCareers/Management


Back in October, former auto czar Steve Rattner wrote in Fortune that General Motors had "perhaps the weakest finance operation any of us had ever seen in a major company."

That left those of us at CFOZone wondering who would have the stomach to handle that kind of turnaround. Enter ex-Microsoft CFO Chris Liddell in December.

So what did the 51-year-old and native New Zealander find?

Nov 27

Another reason to limit banks' size

Posted by Ron F in RiskRegulationFinanceBanks

Ron F

That big, dominant banks stifle competition seems like an obvious point, but I haven't heard it made until now, despite on-going arguments over the benefits and risks posed by such bank.

Proponents of big, global banks such as Charles Caloramis have insisted that they offer economies of scale that are passed along to multinational corporate customers.

Nov 27

Dubai's default should come as no surprise

Posted by Ron F in RiskMadoffFinancebondsBanks, bankruptcy

Ron F

UBS analysts describe the possibility that the government of Dubai will default on the debts of its conglomerate, Dubai World, as a "great shock" to investors.

But it's not as if it wasn't widely reported more than six months ago that workers were fleeing the emirate as its absurdly inflated property bubble went bust. And the Economist noted several weeks ago that the emirate was struggling to float bonds to pay interest to banks on debt that totaled some $80 billion when the liabilities kept off balance sheet are counted.

Oct 23

GM’s finance department problem

Posted by MQuinn in managementGeneral MotorsFinancebailout


Earlier this week, former car czar Steve Rattner published his account of the auto bailout in Fortune magazine.

Considering the fact that Detroit is still in a lot of disarray, I'm not exactly sure if this was intended to be bragging. But, really, it's difficult to see how it's going to help any of the automakers. In particular, General Motors comes out looking bad. I mean, even worse than you'd expect, which is saying something.

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