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Nov 14

More troubles with ERP implementations

Posted by Karen1 in SAPPanorama ConsultingLumber LiquidatorsERP


When Lumber Liquidators announced third quarter results last week, management indicated that the work on its SAP implementation, including  warehouse management and inventory control systems, and an integrated merchandising and product allocation system, significantly impacted results. The work on the implementation reduced "productivity, primarily across store and warehouse operations, including less effective conversion of customer demand into invoice sales."

Sales for the quarter inched up by $6.7 million, to $147.2 million, while net income dropped by 45 percent, to $4.3 million. The lower productivity from the SAP work cost the company between $12 and $14 million in unrealized net sales, the announcement said.

Oct 21

The new barbell-shaped economy

Posted by annearf in small business, Intuit, ERPconsolidationbusiness trends


We're moving towards a "barbell" economy and it's a trend that will impact companies of every size.

That's one conclusion of a recent report on small-business trends over the next decade, from Intuit and Emergent Research. Specifically, the prediction is that there will be fewer, larger global giants on the one end, a narrow middle of mid-sized firms that increasingly will be gobbled up by big players, and a big group of small and micro businesses at the other end.

Oct 01

Bridging the online/on-ground divide

Posted by dbedell in TechnologySMEsmall and medium-sized businessQuickBooksNetflixfinancial management solutionsERPenterprise resource planninge-commerceCRMBlockbusterBarnes & Nobleamazon


Small and medium-sized companies can take advantage of a wealth of integrated technology solutions to help them manage online commerce and financial processes through a single package. This can be a great help in reducing the headache of handling the complex interweave of online and on-the-ground financial operations.

Being a bricks and mortar company was once considered the only way to truly get big and stay big in the retail world. Then came the online shopping revolution, and people said that it was bricks and clicks companies—those with big footprints on the ground and a solid online strategy—that would rule the hearts and minds of shoppers.

Sep 29

Is data mapping getting easier?

Posted by dbedell in transformation engineTechnologysupply chain financeSCFSAPERPenterprise resource planningelectronic invoicing, EIPP, biztechBasware


Yesterday, in our Tech Tuesdays roundup, we reported on Acco Brands Europe picking up an invoice processing and automation solution to help improve STP in the purchase-to-pay cycle. But with any such implementation, my first question is always "what about the integration?"

It is all well and good to say that deployment was web-based or the implementation and testing phase took x-number of weeks or months, but that gives no indication of the time and effort involved in not only setting up and configuring the system, but also, and more importantly, preparing the connections between that system and all the various internal and external systems that will touch on the functioning of that solution.

Aug 27

Upscale California county scrapping Deloitte-installed SAP system

Posted by Going Concern in SAPERPDeloittebiztechBig FourBig 4auditorsauditingaudit feesaudit

Going Concern

Submitted by Caleb Newquist, republished from Going Concern, Accounting News for Accountants and CFOs.

Aug 03

Cash reporting standards must be improved

Posted by dbedell in treasury management systemERPdata standardsdata standardizationdatacash reporting, cash management, cash concernsCashbiztech


It is time to update and standardize cash reporting formats, according to a survey by the Association for Financial Professionals. 

It found that a vast majority of companies want to see the Banking Administration Institute (BAI) cash reporting format—which is used for everything from bank account information reporting to controlled disbursements to lockbox or receivables information reporting--standardized across banks. The format is used for current-day or previous-day information reporting from banks. 

Jul 20

A decade on, ERP lawsuits continue

Posted by Karen1 in lawsuitsJDAERPDeloitte


In a $30 million lawsuit filed last month, Marin County, Calif. accused Deloitte Consulting of misrepresenting its skills and capabilities when it was trying to win the county's business and handle an ERP implementation, according to this report.

Also in June, a District Court in Texas awarded Dillard's $246 million in its lawsuit against i2, which is now part of JDA. Dillard's had alleged that i2 failed to meet its obligations under a software license and related maintenance agreements.


Jun 09

Companies restructure treasury to reduce costs

Posted by dbedell in treasury management systemtreasuryliquidityERP, cash position, cash management, cash flowcash concentrationCashbank account management


With Treasuries at all-time lows and bank lending still declining, companies are reorganizing their treasury operations in record numbers as they strive to increase efficiency, reduce costs and make best use of their internal cash. According to a recent survey by JP Morgan Treasury Services, 61 percent of companies polled had either just completed a treasury restructuring, were in the process of restructuring, or were building the business case for a restructuring.

The poll of 182 treasury executives—primarily from large corporations--found that 35 percent were implementing systems that would allow the company to get a global cash balance, 25 percent were reorganizing their bank account structures to reduce their number of banking partners, and 19 percent were restructuring their cash concentration programs to make use of extra cash for self-funding or debt repayment.

May 14

SAP filling service gaps with Sybase

Posted by dbedell in mergers and acquisitionsERPDealsbiztech


SAP’s proposed $5.6 billion acquisition of Sybase could go a long way in helping the German business software provider compete more effectively with its leading competitor, Oracle. It could also fill some big gaps in its service offering, which would be good news for clients.

Sybase will provide SAP with mobile software and content delivery, and a comprehensive, easily-integrated database solution. The latter is particularly important in its drive to compete more effectively against Oracle.

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