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Aug 27

HP, Dell throttle up in 3Par chase

Posted by dbedell in SAPmergers and acquisitions, M&A;, HPGoogleDellDeals


HP and Dell on Friday continued their battle royale for 3Par, the data management and cloud computing firm. The deal is the latest in a long string of transactions this summer by big tech firms in their efforts to become even bigger—and move into territory now held by their competitors.

The battle has been raging since the start of last week, when Dell first put in an offer at $18 a share for all outstanding shares of the data storage firm. 3Par accepted. HP came in to the foray this past Monday—offering $24 a share. Dell sneaked in a bid at $24.30 Thursday morning this week, and HP came back that afternoon with a $27 offer.

Jul 16

Dell moving closer to SEC settlement

Posted by Stephen Taub in settlementSecurities and Exchange CommissionDellcompliance

Stephen Taub
Dell and founder, chairman and CEO Michael Dell are getting close to settling with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The computer giant Friday adjourned its annual meeting, saying it wanted to give shareholders a reasonable amount of time to consider its recent offer to the regulator.

In a separate announcement on Friday, Dell announced that the company and Michael Dell have proposed settlements to the staff of the SEC, which the staff has agreed to recommend to the SEC.

Jun 28

Why Dell is likely to go private

Posted by SherylNash01 in public to privateDellcomputerscareer/management


Michael Dell got the bees buzzing when he recently said he has considered taking his company private.

Dell has more than $11 billion in cash and investments on its balance sheet, but that doesn't tell the computer maker's whole story. "Growth has dried up, their sales have flat-lined around $60 billion, and the competition is stronger," said Andre Zdanow, chief market strategist at Charles Vista.

Apr 02

SEC to charge former Dell employees

Posted by Stephen Taub in Wells NoticeSecurities and Exchange CommissionsecrestatementsDellcompliance

Stephen Taub

The Securities and Exchange Commission is preparing to take some sort of action against several former employees at Dell stemming from accounting and financial reporting matters dating back to 2001.

The computer maker said in a regulatory filing the individuals received "Wells Notices," which indicates the SEC staff has made a preliminary decision to recommend that the SEC begin a civil or administrative action against the former employees. Dell also said it is possible that other individuals have received or will receive such notices, although it did not provide more details to this cryptic reference.

Dec 08

Ross Perot Jr.’s big payday from Dell

Posted by MQuinn in tax gross upseverancePerot SystemsDellcompensation


We've previously pointed out at CFOZone that Dell's acquisition of Perot Systems was a long time in the making. And for Ross Perot Jr., it was well worth the wait.

Last week, Dell named Perot to its board of directors and, in announcing the appointment, Dell disclosed his payout from the acquisition, which was completed last month (hat tip to 

Oct 02

Details of Dell’s crush on Perot

Posted by MQuinn in M&A;, DellDealsacquisitions


Dell's $4 billion acquisition of Perot Systems apparently made so much sense that the computer maker was trying to strike it for two years.

As my colleague John Goff pointed out when the deal was announced last month, the purchase of Perot has seemed like a destined deal ever since Hewlett-Packard acquired IT services leader EDS in May 2008. Turns out it was earlier than that.

In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission made on Friday, Perot said that Dell senior management initiated conversations with Perot's management in March 2007 about a possible acquisition. The two sides talked into April, but no specific terms were ever discussed.

The discussion ended at that point, but would start again in late 2007 and last through early 2009. Again, no specific terms would be discussed. "Representatives of Perot Systems indicated that it was not the right time for Perot Systems to pursue a sale transaction," according to the filing.

That's pretty much all that's said about those first two years of talks. But let's read between the lines a bit.

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