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Jun 18

Help with setting hurdle rates abroad

Posted by the Benche in ThailandRiskIrelandEuro areaemerging marketsAsia

the Benche

Republished from the Benche, a financial community for corporate treasurers.

Lots of new country reports can now be found on the Benche. If you click on one of the countries below the report will be opened in a separate window. For more reports go to Country Reports here on the Benche.

The following countries have been updated:

Jun 17

Asian attitudes toward governance begin to harden

Posted by nicklord in WBLSingaporeShinseiJapanAsia


Two pieces of news this week show how attitudes of the Asian authorities are hardening towards to CFOs in particular and companies in general. Both cases show that Asia's famed laissez faire attitude to corporate shenanigans is changing.

In Singapore, WBL Corporation CFO Kevin Chee Fai Lew has been found guilty of insider trading by the country's High Court. The court found that Chee sold 90,000 shares of WBL Corporation in the weeks prior to the company announcing a significant loss. He has been convicted under the Securities and Futures Act and is the first CFO to be charged in this manner since 2004 when the new guidelines came into force. As punishment he is likely to receive a fine plus costs equal to three times the profit he made on the insider trade.

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