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Nov 17

Managing the perils of hoarding excess cash

Posted by dbedell in Financecorporate governancecontrolCFO, cash management, CashAFP


A recent piece of research by academics Nils Backhaus and Luc Soenen looking at how to determine if a company is holding excess cash and what the impact is of that, which appears here on AFPOnline, made a very good case for some of the potential pitfalls that companies face when retaining extra cash.

Given the tremendous focus by much of the US business sector on stockpiling cash in recent years, understanding not just the benefits, but also the issues that could arise as a result, is an important exercise that should help finance execs to ensure that cash is put to best use.

Nov 12

CFOs reap rewards of superior treasury professionals

Posted by dbedell in treasurycycle timeCFOAssociation for Financial ProfessionalsAFP


Finance chiefs whose treasury staff are top tier reap significant cost and efficiency savings versus their less stellar peers, according to a survey by the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP).

The AFP’s third annual Treasury Benchmarking Survey, the result of which were released this week, surveyed around 500 companies worldwide to look at how benchmark treasury offices compared with average and poorly-performing corporate treasuries in terms of the efficiency of staff, the cost of operations, cycle times for treasury functions, and the like.

Oct 19

Tech Tuesdays (October 19)

Posted by dbedell in web portal, TechnologySAPpayrollNational Automated Clearing House AssociationNACHAIT2ITe-invoicingCashBaswareAssociation for Financial ProfessionalsAmerican Payroll AssociationAmerican ExpressAFPaccounts receivable, accounts payable


Global subsea equipment manufacturing and service company DOF Subsea has selected IT2 to provide a centralized treasury management system for the enterprise. The company will make use of IT2’s solutions for cash forecasting; liquidity management; risk management and hedging programs for foreign exchange and interest rate exposures; debt management; and treasury accounting; among other things.

DOF Subsea will access the system through IT2 NET—the system provider’s web portal, and the solution will interface with the company’s counterparties and third-party solution providers—including Nordea Bank, Agresso—for accounting; the Shipnet solution for A/P and A/R management; and Reuters.

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