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TOPIC: Re:New Year, New You?
Re:New Year, New You? 2 Months ago Karma: 0  
If you're fortunate enough to be stepping into a new role any time soon, Harvard Business Review has a few pointers.

Being promoted can feel both rewarding and stressful. Once you're done accepting all of the congratulations, it's time to deal with all of the new expectations. Here are three tips to address the anxiety that most people feel when stepping into a new role:

1. Prepare support. Identify a strong ally, mentor, or coach who you can lean on during the first few months on the job. Ask this person to give you honest and constructive feedback along the way.

2. Create a plan. Lay out what you plan to accomplish in your first few months. Be realistic and set clear priorities so that you are prepared to make necessary tradeoffs.

3. Know your limits. A new job means new responsibilities, but be honest with yourself about what's in your control and what's not.
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Re:New Year, New You? 2 Months ago Karma: 2  
CEO swapping--Is that like Wife Swap, the reality show? Actually, maybe this could be a reality show--trading places. The self-made CEO of a trucking company trades with the blue blood head of a bank or the whiz kid CEO of a tech firm. But, seriously. I think the CEO swap idea is interesting. Though I think the same thing is accomplished for small-business heads, through CEO peer groups.
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Re:New Year, New You? 1 Month, 3 Weeks ago Karma: 0  
Kathy Caprino, author, Breakdown, Breakthrough, offers good advice on career change blocks and how to over come them.

She talks about what her blocks were: (Here are some highlights)

1) Time -- I had invested so much time in building a marketing career (18 years in fact), that it seemed ludicrous to "throw it all away".

2) Ego -- My ego told me that I worked so hard to achieve a powerful position in the corporate hierarchy (in my last corporate position, I was a vice president), that I didn't want to step back and be a beginner again, and lose so much ground.

3) Confusion -- If I were to chuck this professional identity, what would I do instead? Despite years of trying to answer this question, I couldn't figure out. Sure, I fantasized about being in the film industry or doing something exciting and glamorous, but what did I really want to do? What would I do if I won the lottery? I couldn't find a new path that made sense.

4) Money -- I earned a lot, and believed I needed every cent of that to provide myself and my family the living we needed and wanted.

Here's a new way to look at the above challenges:

1) Time -- Every minute you DON'T make the changes you long for, is a minute you spend holding yurself back from the growth and expansion that you know -- deep down that you need and want.

2) Ego -- Achievements are -- in the end -- meaningless if they don't resonate with your heart and soul. Don't let your ego lead you around by the nose. If it does, you'll find that your hard-won recognition and achievement will leave you feeling empty and sad.

3) Confusion -- Yes, it's hard to sort out the "sounds-great!" career change ideas from those that will really make you happy. It's hard, but not impossible. Find some great coaching and mentoring help today to do it. Get unconfused.

4) Money -- We all want and need money. The question is -- how much do you truly need to make to be happy, fulfilled, and enjoy your life? And what is your relationship with money -- is it healthy and balanced, or are you a slave to it, addicted to having "things" surround you, because in fact, you feel depleted and joyless?
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Re:New Year, New You? 1 Month ago Karma: 0  
Prepare for the Next Defining Moment...

These thoughts from Harvard Business Review:

Every important meeting has a defining moment that can lead to breakthrough results. These moments are often preceded by uncertainty. When the group is not sure what to do next, therre is an opportunity for someone to take action and move things forward.

Before your next critical meeting, think about when these moments might happen and visualize what you would do. You don't need a detailed plan, just the mental alertness and awareness of the opportunities and how you would seize them.
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Re:New Year, New You? 2 Days, 22 Hours ago Karma: 0  
The Harvard Business Review offers two steps to changing bad habits....

We all have bad work habits — checking email during meetings, insisting on being right, multitasking to the point of accomplishing nothing. Changing these behaviors is difficult. Even if you can go a few days on good behavior, it's likely the bad habits will return.

Here are two steps to achieving long-term behavior change and getting rid of bad habits for good:

Create useful fear. You know that bad habits are bad, but do you truly understand their impact on others and your career? Picture what your review will say if you continually show disrespect for others during meetings. Imagine that you may be left out of important future meetings. The fear will help you stop.

Find the reward. Stopping the behavior is the first step. Now you need to find a reason to not let it return. Enjoy the pleasure of being fully present in a meeting. Discover how much more you can contribute and how much more you are appreciated. This reward will help you sustain the change.
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Re:New Year, New You? 21 Hours, 10 Minutes ago Karma: 2  
But there is the theory that people only stop bad behavior when the downside becomes clearly worse than just continuing the behavior. It's a lot easier to continue with something you're used to. Also, we don't always understand just what aspects of our behavior are destructive. Everyone needs a coach.
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