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Nov 01

Trade being punished by Basel III

Posted by nicklord in tradeCash


Banks have launched into a chorus of condemnation for the way that the new Basel III capital accords are going to affect their trade finance business. The ultimate loser, they say, will be companies around the world who are looking to export their way back to growth. For once, the banks might be right.

Under the provisional rules as they are now set out, trade finance assets will have to be 100 percent risk weighted, meaning for every dollar that is lent in short term trade finance, banks will have to keep a dollar on their balance sheets.

Sep 30

Latin America beckons growing number of firms

Posted by Karen1 in tradetariffsLatin Americaexports


While China and India capture many of the headlines in the business press, a number of American firms are finding opportunities further south. In fact, US companies responding to the recent HSBC Trade Confidence Index picked Latin America as the most promising region for growth over the next six months; China came in second.

Perhaps that's not surprising, given the rate at which trade between the US and Latin America has been growing over the past few years. "Latin America is far from the largest US regional trade partner, but historically is the fastest growing one," according to the June 2010 report by the Congressional Research Service, (CRS) "US-Latin America Trade: Recent Trends and Policy Issues." Between 1998 and 2009, total trade - that is, both imports and exports - between the US and Latin America jumped 82 percent; in comparison, trade with China grew by 72 percent. The only region with which trade grew faster was Africa, and that was starting from a tiny base.

Sep 23

What are companies outsourcing in international trade?

Posted by dbedell in trade financetradesupply chainRiskoutsourcingletter of creditfactoringcomplianceCash


Outsourcing part or all of the trade finance function—and the supply chain—can provide great reward to the average corporate. Most big banks, along with many smaller service providers and trade-related market players, offer such services for corporates.

Companies are increasingly looking to hand off the parts of this function that are not essentially held in-house.

Sep 22

Risks, and rewards, with trade finance outsourcing

Posted by dbedell in trade financetradeservice level agreementRiskoutsourcingdata securityCashCareers/Management


One big outcome of the crisis is that most finance and treasury teams at any and every size of business now work many more hours than they did before, and wear many different hats than they used to.

With so much focus on improving working capital management and reducing costs in the working capital chain, this put increasing pressure on the CFO and their finance team to build up additional skill sets that may or may not have had anything to do with their previous job function.

Sep 16

Latin America ripe with opportunities for direct investment

Posted by dbedell in ValetradeRiskNorsk Hydromergers and acquisitionsM&ALatin AmericaHeinekengreenfieldforeign direct investmentFemsaDealsCNOOC


Latin American direct investment—both greenfield and M&A—continues to rise as companies from around the world take a look at the opportunities that the region holds.

The region is not only doing very well from a macro-economic perspective, but it is also experiencing strong domestic growth, strong trade growth, and boasts an experienced corporate executive class who have led the region’s businesses through the crisis with relative ease.

Sep 03

Transaction banks need better process integration

Posted by dbedell in working capitaltransaction banktrade financetradesupply chain financesupply chaincash flow forecastingcash flowCash


The biggest transaction banks are on their way to providing fully integrated working capital solutions, but they still have some ways to go—particularly in terms of systems and processes integration.

Even before the crisis, companies recognized the importance of integrating trade, the supply chain, and cash management to have a holistic view on working capital across the organization.

Aug 19

Shippers’ results show growth in global trade

Posted by dbedell in tradeshippingprofitsgrowthglobal economycontainer shippingCash


Strong profit figures from a number of the world’s largest container shippers are the latest indicators that global trade is indeed on the increase.

Three of the biggest shipping container lines have each reported stronger-than-expected results in their latest reporting periods, sending a big signal that world trade is on the rise—as we discussed here. Shipping containers carry around 90 percent of global merchandise trade goods.

Jul 20

Chinese trade concessions likely to be rejected

Posted by dbedell in WTOtradeRiskprocurementcomplianceChinaCash


China must make much greater concessions if it hopes to join the World Trade Organisation Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) and be viewed as a fair market for foreign investment, according to global business and political leaders.

US and global members of the GPA are expected to reject the latest proposal for trade concessions by China for the would-be member to join the group. According to a report in the FT, the proposals do not provide enough support in opening to foreign companies the $500 billion public procurement market in China.

May 13

Why banks are still wary of financing trade

Posted by the Benche in treasurytrade financetraderecoveryrecessionfinancingeconomyCashBanksBanking

the Benche

Republished from the Benche, a financial community for corporate treasurers.

The International Chamber of Commerce has released the findings of their survey titled "Rethinking Trade Finance 2010" that sheds some light on this issue.

May 13

Global trade resurgence may need more financing

Posted by nicklord in tradeIFCHSBCEBRD


Further evidence is coming out the global business is back, despite the ongoing fiscal and sovereign credit worries. HSBC's latest Trade Confidence Index makes for uplifting reading. The survey began last year as a way of seeing how companies involved in international trade felt about the prospects for their business.

The survey measures confidence among 5,120 exporters in 17 countries. With a base index of 100, overall confidence in trade expansion rose from 110 to 116 over the last quarter. Regionally it was Asia that is the most bullish on its improved outlook. Fifty percent of the exporters from China and 52 percent of those exporters from the Middle East expect their business to improve "significantly" over the next six months. The Vietnamese were the most bullish with 79 percent of exporters from that country expecting a marked upturn in trading.

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