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Sep 22

Risks, and rewards, with trade finance outsourcing

Posted by dbedell in trade financetradeservice level agreementRiskoutsourcingdata securityCashCareers/Management


One big outcome of the crisis is that most finance and treasury teams at any and every size of business now work many more hours than they did before, and wear many different hats than they used to.

With so much focus on improving working capital management and reducing costs in the working capital chain, this put increasing pressure on the CFO and their finance team to build up additional skill sets that may or may not have had anything to do with their previous job function.

Jun 10

Outsourcing trend in treasury management has its downside

Posted by dbedell in treasury management systemSLAservice level agreementoutsourcingITdatabiztechASP


Given the time and resources needed to manage complex treasury and finance systems, companies are increasingly choosing to have outside vendors manage their treasury software systems. But outsourcing management of treasury or finance systems comes with a unique set of risks that vendors are often hesitant to share with clients.

In a survey last year, consultancy Aite Group found that 66 percent of new treasury management system purchases made by companies were for vendor-hosted systems--where the software vendor, or a third party, manages the software on an outsourced basis, rather than the company managing the software in-house.

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