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Oct 19

Credit quality continues to improve

Posted by Stephen Taub in Standard & Poor'sRisknet charge-off ratiodelinquenciesdefault ratedefaultCreditCashCapital

Stephen Taub

Here is further proof the economy in general is improving.

Despite stubbornly high unemployment, Standard & Poor's reported a decline in monthly default rates for all credit lines.

Oct 19

Input wanted: International accounting convergence

Posted by dbedell in US GAAPSecurities and Exchange CommissionRiskIFRSIASBFASBcomplianceaccounting convergence


International accounting standards convergence has taken another small step forward with the FASB's announcement on Tuesday of a request for input on the timing of new accounting and reporting standards.

Comments on the board's discussion paper on convergence timing must be in by January 31 next year, although comments on certain sections of the current convergence plan must be in sooner than that.

Oct 18

Be competitive, even in the face of growing risks

Posted by dbedell in TechnologyRiskIT risk managementfrauddata managementdata loss preventioncompliance


As a follow-on to my piece last week about IT risk management, it was interesting, and a little shocking, to see that a new survey just out found more than a quarter of global companies experienced some form of information theft or fraud in the past 12 months.

Plus, the fear of this risk is holding many companies back from exploring global growth opportunities.

Oct 14

Debunking the latest tax-hike rumor

Posted by Stephen Taub in Taxsmall businessRiskCash

Stephen Taub

A rumor currently making the e-mail rounds would-if true-be especially devastating to small business owners. Good thing it is not true.

However, the hysteria among those who have received the e-mail is another reminder of how the internet can be misused and abused.

Oct 11

IT risk management key to company safety

Posted by dbedell in TechnologyRiskIT


IT risk management is a critical piece of the risk puzzle for companies of all shapes and sizes. As firms move to more complex tech solutions, they must not only be aware but also actively manage the risks inherent in their systems, software, and IT procedures.

This is true not just for medium and large companies, but also for smaller firms. At the end of the day it is the responsibility of the CFO or finance manager to know and understand all of the risks affecting the company, and this includes technological risks.

Oct 11

Entrepreneurship rises rapidly

Posted by nicklord in Risk



A study of trends in corporate directorships in the UK has shown that the number of entrepreneurs has more than doubled in the last five years. Experian, the global credit information provider, analyzed details of the 4.3 million directors listed in its UK database.

Sep 28

Securitization: don't take it for granted

Posted by dbedell in SIVsecuritizationRiskRepo 105EnronDealsasset backedarbitrageABS


Securitization, at its most basic, is a sound financing technique. This is my basic tenet for today’s blog. With the ABS markets again beginning to pick up, spreads tightening and investor demand growing but supply still limited, it is time for a revisit of just what makes this market so important from a corporate perspective, and why it is way-past time for stakeholders to get it right in rebuilding the market.

I am not here to argue the validity of the regulatory arbitrage that drove the market to such great heights before the crisis. In fact, that is most definitely one of the things that should be addressed as the new world of securitization takes shape. What I am here to argue is the validity and soundness of securitization at its most basic, as a financing structure for corporates.

Sep 27

Good news: 1/3 of mortgage applicants rejected

Posted by Stephen Taub in sub-primeRiskmortgagescredit scoresCash

Stephen Taub

Take near historical low mortgage rates, combine it with a huge drop in home values and a glut of homes for sale, and what do you get?

A new housing boom, right? You would think.

Sep 23

What are companies outsourcing in international trade?

Posted by dbedell in trade financetradesupply chainRiskoutsourcingletter of creditfactoringcomplianceCash


Outsourcing part or all of the trade finance function—and the supply chain—can provide great reward to the average corporate. Most big banks, along with many smaller service providers and trade-related market players, offer such services for corporates.

Companies are increasingly looking to hand off the parts of this function that are not essentially held in-house.

Sep 22

Risks, and rewards, with trade finance outsourcing

Posted by dbedell in trade financetradeservice level agreementRiskoutsourcingdata securityCashCareers/Management


One big outcome of the crisis is that most finance and treasury teams at any and every size of business now work many more hours than they did before, and wear many different hats than they used to.

With so much focus on improving working capital management and reducing costs in the working capital chain, this put increasing pressure on the CFO and their finance team to build up additional skill sets that may or may not have had anything to do with their previous job function.

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