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Sep 13

China eases restrictions on foreign investment

Posted by dbedell in RiskprotectionismGEforeign investmentforeign direct investmentFDIEuropean Council on Foreign RelationsEuropean Chamber of CommerceChinaCashAmerican Chamber of Commerce


For multinationals keen to take advantage of the strong growth potential in Asia, changes to China’s foreign investment regulations might just make that a little bit easier.

According to a Reuters UK report, the country is in the process of reviewing its foreign investment catalogue—which lists those sectors and industries in which foreign companies or investors may invest.

Jul 14

GE CEO walks back his remarks about China

Posted by dbedell in RiskprotectionismJeff ImmeltGEChinaCareers/Management


To follow up on my blog from earlier this month, GE’s CEO Jeffrey Immelt is backpedalling on his comments about increasing protectionism in China. Immelt, in an interview with the FT on Wednesday, said that China is a very important market for GE, and one they plan to be in for the long term.

Apparently he decided that criticising the political administration of a key market—one where his company is very involved in public sector contracts, and one that is not known for valuing constructive criticism—in a public forum was not a good idea.

Jun 01

China acquisitions of foreign companies reach new record

Posted by mcole in protectionismmergerglobal economyenergyDealsChinaCashacquisitions


China has increased its appetite for foreign companies.

Outbound acquisitions by Chinese companies have swelled five times to $28.4 billion so far this year (as of May 24) compared with $5.8 billion during the same period last year, according to Thomson Reuters.

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