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Aug 19

Shippers’ results show growth in global trade

Posted by dbedell in tradeshippingprofitsgrowthglobal economycontainer shippingCash


Strong profit figures from a number of the world’s largest container shippers are the latest indicators that global trade is indeed on the increase.

Three of the biggest shipping container lines have each reported stronger-than-expected results in their latest reporting periods, sending a big signal that world trade is on the rise—as we discussed here. Shipping containers carry around 90 percent of global merchandise trade goods.

Jul 29

Future looks (mostly) bright for automakers

Posted by dbedell in ToyotasalesprofitsCashautomakers


Things are looking up for the global auto industry, one of the worst hit sectors during the financial crisis.

Once-suffering Toyota is set to report better-than-expected profits this quarter and expand operations, other Asian automakers are also on track to make money, and auto sales are growing in most markets.

Jul 28

Why working your employees to death isn't good for your company

Posted by annearf in stressprofitsover-workdownshiftingcareer


Second quarter earnings are out and, hey, good news! Profits are up, even though revenues are down, thanks to rampant cost-cutting (read layoffs).  Maybe that's starting to change . But according to some accounts, like this New York Times story , some companies nonetheless figure they're going to continue this MO over the long-term. 

If cost-cutting is what you need to do to grow the bottom line, it's hard to argue against that approach. Except for two problems. 

Dec 29

Lower health-care costs may not mean higher corporate profits, says expert

Posted by Ron F in taxesprofitshealth insurancehealth careemployersemployees

Ron F

The New York Times columnist Bob Herbert on Tuesday challenged an assumption I made last Thursday about the tax increase the Senate health-care bill proposes to levy on expensive employer-based heath care plans.

In short, Herbert doubts that any savings the tax produces will be passed along to workers in the form of wage increases, and he cites a Mercer survey along with skeptical union leaders to back up his contention.

Dec 28

Stock rally reflects no real gain in corporate profits: report

Posted by Ron F in profitsjoblessnessearningscost cuttingcompaniescapital expenditures

Ron F

There's a valuable insight buried deep in this Bloomberg story, but it's difficult to ferret out. So let me help.

Essentially, the article argues that the stock market rally is a bubble, because the big rise in stock prices so far in 2009 hasn't reflected real gains in profitability. That's based on an analysis of last year's performance of the S&P 500 in terms of return on investment capital.

Nov 25

Bank earnings soaring while others fixate on costs

Posted by MQuinn in profitseconomycost cuttingBanks


If only things were as good for the rest of the economy as they are for banks, we'd be through this recovery and on our way to the next bust.

Corporate profits rose 11 percent in the third quarter from the prior quarter to $1.36 trillion, according to preliminary data from the Commerce Department released Tuesday.

That growth, however, was disproportionately coming from financial institutions, whose earnings leapt 36 percent domestically. Profits among other companies rose just 2 percent.

Yes, it must be nice to borrow at zero percent and then throw you're your money into Treasuries or lend cautiously, if at all.

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