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"The corporate brand is not only used to improve competitive positioning and express company aspirations, it can also be a powerful tool to motivate employees."

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Apr 20

The futility of market watching

Posted by MQuinn in stock marketmediaGoldman Sachsearningscareer/management


Covering daily stock market movements must be a lousy job. Today's news wire stories from Reuters on Goldman Sachs' earnings are a prime example of why.

Mar 11

A downtick in foreclosures could really reflect the weather

Posted by Ron F in reformrecoveryrecessionmortgage foreclosuresmedialoan delinquenciesjoblessnessfinancial crisisemploymenteconomyCareers/Managementbubbles

Ron F

It seems to me that the crappy weather in February is only cited as an excuse for poor performance, but never an explanation for the opposite.

Yes, this Realtytrac report on foreclosures says they may have fallen last month because notices were late, but that fact wasn't reported today in NPR's coverage this morning.

Sep 15

"Ghost fleet" no sign of recovery

Posted by Ron F in recoveryrecessionmediaeconomyChina

Ron F

To echo Anne's point yesterday, I see there's more standard-issue, carnival-barking happy talk out of the Wall Street noise machine today. As in, wow, this really beats really beaten down expectations! Party!

So, reality fans, take a good look at the photo in our slide show of an amazing maritime gathering in the South China Sea, and see this.

Aug 21

Tribune Co., Reader's Digest: A Tale of Two Media Giants With Way Too Much Debt

Posted by kcates in Tribune Co.Reader's DigestNews Corp.New York Times Co.mediaGannettcash concernsbankruptcy


You could go on and on about all the big-media dominoes that are teetering, but let's limit it here to just a couple of once-prosperous household names in the news lately.

First up, the Chicago Tribune, one of the pieces of the once-mighty Tribune Co., the sprawling media chain that's been slogging steadily toward bankruptcy these past many months after being woefully mismanaged and overextended (Tribune Co. also owns the Baltimore Sun, the L.A. Times, several other papers, and a bunch of broadcast properties, not to mention the Chicago Cubs, who might not make the playoffs this year but are doing a lot better than their print cousins).

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