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Sep 22

Director compensation nearly flat

Posted by Stephen Taub in Towers Watsonproxy accessmajority votecompensationCashCareers/Managementbroker votesboard of directors

Stephen Taub

Is the director gravy train finally slowing down? It sure seems like it.

For one thing, Towers Watson's annual analysis of director compensation at Fortune 500 companies found that 2009 pay packages for directors rose by a mere 1 percent over 2008 levels.

Jun 25

Congress punts on proxy access

Posted by Stephen Taub in Sen. Chris DoddSecurities and Exchange CommissionRisk Metricsproxy accessmajority votecompliance

Stephen Taub

When the going gets tough, Congress punts.

That's what it did with Proxy Access. Although the financial reform bill contains a number of provisions that no doubt irk regulation opponents in general-such as the curbs on proprietary trading and the creation of the consumer protection board-when it came to corporate governance, Congress cowered to the interests of the Business Roundtable and US Chamber of Commerce.

Jun 18

Financial bill to exclude majority voting provision

Posted by Stephen Taub in US Chamber of Commerceproxy accessmajority votecompliancechristopher coxBusiness Roundtable

Stephen Taub

So much for shareholders gaining much more say over the Board of Directors.

It looks like the financial overhaul bill being hammered out by Senate and House conferees will exclude one critical earlier proposal and include a greatly watered down version of another.

May 12

Senators want to block majority vote and proxy access

Posted by annearf in Sen. Thomas Carperrestoring american financial stability actproxy accessmajority votecompliance


With all the attention being paid to derivatives reform and consumer protection in the financial reform bill, some new amendments seem largely to have slipped under the radar.

I'm talking about amendments recently introduced by Sen. Thomas Carper (D-Delaware) to remove the proxy access and majority voting provisions from the Restoring American Financial Stability Act.

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