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Tag >> loan delinquencies
Mar 11

A downtick in foreclosures could really reflect the weather

Posted by Ron F in reformrecoveryrecessionmortgage foreclosuresmedialoan delinquenciesjoblessnessfinancial crisisemploymenteconomyCareers/Managementbubbles

Ron F

It seems to me that the crappy weather in February is only cited as an excuse for poor performance, but never an explanation for the opposite.

Yes, this Realtytrac report on foreclosures says they may have fallen last month because notices were late, but that fact wasn't reported today in NPR's coverage this morning.

Jan 05

A pathetic sign of hope for small and medium-sized business

Posted by annearf in small and medium-sized businessloan delinquenciesBanks


Amidst talk of signs we're on the rebound, now we're seeing evidence that small businesses are mending.

At least, you can draw that conclusion if you're really desperate to find good news in the latest data.

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