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"The corporate brand is not only used to improve competitive positioning and express company aspirations, it can also be a powerful tool to motivate employees."

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Mar 28

Commercial insurance prices remain flat

Posted by Stephen Taub in professional liabilityinsurancedirectors and officers liabilitycommercial propertycommercial insuranceCash

Stephen Taub

Commercial insurance prices remained flat for the eighth consecutive quarter, according to Towers Watson's most recent Commercial Lines Insurance Pricing Survey (CLIPS).

At the same time, accident-year loss ratios deteriorated relative to the same period in the prior 12 months.

Jul 12

Aon bucks the trend toward corporate passivity

Posted by mcole in mergers and acquisitionsinsurancehuman resourcesdebtDealsCreditconsulting


Not every company is sitting on its hands until the economy improves. Insurance giant Aon is taking on a significant amount of short-term debt to acquire Hewitt Consulting for $4.9 billion and spend on its brand to exploit new opportunities.

The Hewitt deal will help Aon get a firm foothold in human resources and benefits outsourcing, significantly increasing Aon's market share in this area and positioning the company to take on rival insurance broker and consulting big Marsh and McLennan. The move also gives Aon a more balanced mix of insurance brokerage and consulting revenue.

Jun 23

Terror insurance demand continues to climb

Posted by Stephen Taub in Riskinsurance

Stephen Taub

It may be nearly nine years since a major terror attack on US soil. But, US companies are clearly not becoming complacent.

According to a new survey from insurance giant Marsh, 61 percent of firms surveyed by Marsh purchased property terrorism insurance in 2009, up from 57 percent in 2008.

Apr 08

Regulatory reform stalling financial services M&A

Posted by mcole in RegulationreforminsuranceDealsBanks


Regulatory reform could ultimately fuel merger and acquisition activity in the financial services sector. But, so far, the lack of clarity on the direction it will take has mostly just hindered deal making.

Still, observers expect there will be many opportunities for deals in 2010 due to continued depressed valuations, divestitures in the insurance sector and additional bank failures. There were 702 problem banks on the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.'s watch list as of Dec. 31, for instance.

Mar 02

AIG’s big act of good faith

Posted by MQuinn in M&AinsuranceDealscareer/managementbailoutsAIG


I've previously railed against American International Group for dragging its feet in repaying the $180 billion it owes to the U.S. government, so I need to tip my cap to it for the $35.5 billion deal it struck with Prudential for its Asian insurance division.

And unlike some previous deals, AIG will use a major chunk of cash from the sale of the unit -- $25 billion -- to pay down a credit line it has with the Federal Reserve. (The insurer will take the remaining $10.5 billion in Prudential securities.)

It's a move the company had to make, really, especially as it continues to lobby against the pay caps the government has imposed. 

Feb 28

Health insurance mandates: Everyone has them already

Posted by Stephen Taub in Riskinsurancehealthcarehealth insuranceBain

Stephen Taub

Let's face it. The health care debate has resulted in a frightening amount of mis-information and fear-mongering from both sides of the very wide political aisle.

And while I don't want to inject myself into the politics of the health care debate, I do want to put one key issue into perspective. Opponents of the latest proposal from President Obama-a.k.a. all Republicans--that would require all Americans to purchase health insurance if they don't currently have a policy argue that no one should ever be required to buy insurance, or do anything else, for that matter.

Feb 22

Finance professionals: Unsafe at any speed?

Posted by annearf in multi-taskjudgesinsurancefinancial professionalsdriverattorneys


We wouldn't want to suggest that you or your colleagues are terrors behind the wheel.  Not executives in your lofty positions.

Then, again, a new study indicates you might not be at your best when at the helm of a car.

Jan 21

Buffett unit pays more than $90 million to settle

Posted by Stephen Taub in U.S. AttorneyRiskJustice DepartmentinsurancecomplianceCFOBusiness practicesAIG

Stephen Taub

Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway skate away again.

 A reinsurance subsidiary of Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has agreed to pay $92.2 million to a number of governmental agencies and investors for its role in a scheme to manipulate the financial results of two other insurance companies in a non-prosecution agreement.

Aug 20

Health-care debate gem of the day

Posted by RedConn in insurancehealth carebenefits



Apparently, Disraeli was wrong. The three types of falsehoods are lies, damned lies, and insurance industry statistics.

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