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Mar 04

Healthcare reform in Massachusetts: Research points to some healthy outcomes

Posted by annearf in health insurancehealth care reformcompliance


Broader health insurance coverage did not initially lead to significant overuse of the system or increases in hospital costs in Massachusetts.

That's according to research from Wharton School of Business and Yale University professors, findings that, of course, have significance for the Obama administration's healthcare reform. The research was written up in a recent issue of Knowledge@Wharton.

Feb 02

CFOs won't cry if Obama-care dies

Posted by Stephen Taub in Riskheatlh carehealth care reformFinancial Executives InternationalCFOCashBaruch College's Zicklin School of Business

Stephen Taub

If recent court decisions lead to the repeal of the Obama health care plan, don't expect chief financial officers to cry.

This is because most of them think it is a bad law.

Jan 20

CFOs: health care reform will raise costs

Posted by Stephen Taub in health care reformhealth careDeloittecomplianceCash

Stephen Taub

Most CFOs of large companies believe health care reform will raise costs and reduce quality.

According to a new survey, more than 90 percent expect benefits cost per employee to rise. What's more, half of the respondents expect the quality and/or breadth of offered benefits to decline.

Oct 13

Health plan reporting made easier

Posted by dbedell in IRShealth care reformemployer-sponsored health planDepartment of Treasurycompliance


The IRS announced this week that it would waive W-2 reporting requirements on the cost of coverage for employer-sponsored health plans next year.

This is a welcome relief for companies that were struggling to update systems and understand changed reporting guidelines under Section 9002 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

Aug 31

Questions swirl around new state health insurance exchanges

Posted by Jeremy Smerd in healthcarehealth insurancehealth care reformbenefits

Jeremy Smerd

California last week became the first state to pass legislation creating a health insurance exchange as mandated under the new federal health reform law. Some states, like New York, have only begun to pay lip service toward implementing health reform, while others, like Missouri, are still fighting the federal law's legality.

But the legislation is nonetheless expected to serve as a model if it is signed into law as expected.

Aug 19

How health reform could reduce the federal deficit

Posted by Jeremy Smerd in health insurancehealth care reformgovernment finance

Jeremy Smerd

Last year, Medicare was predicted to run out of money by 2017. Now, Medicare is predicted to have enough money to last another 12 years. What changed? The answer is health reform.

At least that's the answer given in the Medicare Trustee's report issued August 5. The trustees oversee both Social Security and Medicare. The report states that health reform will save $575 billion over the next decade. That's because health reform raises taxes on high-income earners and eventually raises taxes on high-cost health benefits. The report also notes that savings are expected to come by reducing the number of uninsured hospital patients.

Aug 17

Apologies could make health costs go down.

Posted by Jeremy Smerd in health insurancehealth care reform

Jeremy Smerd

The University of Michigan Health System recently asked itself this question: what happens when a hospital admits it caused a medical mistake, takes responsibility and offers compensation to patients who have been harmed? Do patients sue or do they settle?

For employers, this is not just a matter of legal theory or even a question of whether you think tort reform and capping damages on lawsuits is the best way to bring malpractice insurance down.

Aug 12

HSAs complicated by health reform, tax issues

Posted by Jeremy Smerd in health insurancehealth care reformconsumers

Jeremy Smerd

Earlier this week, I wrote about how more employers looking toward consumer-driven plans with health savings accounts to save money should make sure they are also helping employees get the health care they need.

Employers that want to offer these plans during their upcoming open-enrollment period should also consider the impact health reform will have.

Aug 05

Health reform challenges create uncertainty for employers

Posted by Jeremy Smerd in lawsuitshealth care reformCongress

Jeremy Smerd

Employers may not like the uncertainty that the new health reform law has injected into their health care benefits plans, but they are not giving up on providing health care, as I wrote earlier this week. After years of wrangling, a bill passed. The law is on the books and employers are adjusting to a new reality.

Still, the effort to knock down health reform continues. This would seem to add more uncertainty into the plans of employers, who love nothing more than a fixed cost.

Aug 03

Few employers plan to drop health coverage: survey

Posted by Jeremy Smerd in health care reformbenefits

Jeremy Smerd

If you're thinking of dropping health coverage for your employees, think again.

Sure, many employer groused when Democrats passed health reform. They feared new mandates, rules telling them what kind--and how much--health care they needed to provide to employees.

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