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May 04

Planned job cuts continue to decline

Posted by Stephen Taub in jobsemploymentChallenger Gray & ChristmasCareers/ManagementADP

Stephen Taub
Is the employment picture starting to brighten?

We'll get a good reading on Friday when the government releases its April jobs report. Then less reliable ADP report released Wednesday, however, showed that private employers added 179,000 jobs in April, which was below consensus expectations.

One potential forward-looking reading does suggest that the unemployment rate will continue to drop.

Mar 09

Startups are on the rise, but they're not hiring--anyone

Posted by annearf in startupsKauffman FoundationjobsemploymentCareers/Management


The startup rate is high, but most of those enterprises are sole proprietorships.

That's according to research from the Kauffman Foundation. (For more on the topic of no-employee businesses, see today's post by my colleague Steve Taub.)  It found that more Americans have launched their own business than any time in the past 15 years. But many of them are flying solo. Specifically the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity found that .34 percent of American adults started a business each month in 2010-565,000 firms. At the same time, the quarterly employer firm rate dropped from .13 percent in 2007 to .10 percent in 2010.

Dec 29

Hiring to increase in 2011

Posted by Stephen Taub in temporary workersHarris Interactiveemployment growthemploymentcontract workersCareers/ManagementCareerBuilder

Stephen Taub

The employment picture is expected to brighten in 2011, but in a rather unconvincing manner.

The big question is whether the long-term unemployed lose their patience, or worse, their marketable skills, before they find a job.

Sep 02

Companies are having a tougher time hiring foreign workers

Posted by annearf in temporary visasforeign workersemploymentcompliance


Looks like federal agencies are making it harder for companies to get temporary visas for foreign workers.  And it's creating a burden for firms that can't run their businesses without such employees.

Industries that depend on seasonal workers, agricultural laborers, and professionals such as computer programmers are having a particularly bad time. According to BloombergBusinessweek, for example, H-2B visas for seasonal workers decreased 52 percent last year. And a recent report by the ombudsman at the US Citizenship & Immigration Service found that agency requests for more evidence from companies seeking H1-B visas for programmers and other professional jobs almost doubled in 2009.

Aug 13

Time to keep subsidizing home prices

Posted by Ron F in RegulationrecoveryrecessionFreddie Macfinancial crisisFederal ReserveFASBFannie MaeemploymentCareers/Managementbankruptcybanking industrybailoutsAccounting

Ron F

I have to disagree with my colleague Steve Taub on this, not because my heart bleeds for jobless, underwater homeowners, but to keep foreclosures from driving home prices ever downward.

Here's the thing: What is the "natural" price that Steve wants the market to find?

Aug 03

Why corporations may not care about the domestic economy

Posted by Ron F in recoveryrecessionoutsourcingoffshorejoblessnessglobal economyemployment growthemploymentemerging marketseconomyearningsdemandcutting costscorporations

Ron F

Paul Krugman today once again bemoans the lack of Keynesianism in what passes for economic policymaking discussions these days, and I share that complaint.

However, Krugman may be missing part of the problem here, which is that those who pooh-pooh the prospect of deflation may actually not much care if it materializes, though they would be mistaken to do so.

Jul 27

Time to reread Keynes

Posted by Ron F in recoveryrecessionObama Administrationjobsjoblessnessinvestmentfinancial crisisenvironmental policyenergyemploymenteconomydemandCongressCareers/Management

Ron F

I've avoided rehearsing the on-going debate over the bleak macroeconomic picture, because it quickly descends into endless political back and forth along with the usual name-calling, as my colleague Steve Taub and I have been discussing internally today.  But it's time to make an exception:

Is the private sector not hiring because it fears more aggressive action from the public sector, and so the public sector (read Obama administration) should leave the economy to itself, as those on the right claim? Or is the lack of private sector hiring a reflection of a lack of private sector hiring, and thus a vicious circle and market failure that requires the public sector (read Obama administration) to step in with a serious jobs program involving infrastructure, alternative energy and schools, as those on the left insist?

Not to speak for Steve, but my sense is he tends to agree with the first perspective, at least for the most part, and I can safely report that I agree with the second, and would recommend James Surowiecki's recent column to help make my case if I could find it. Since I can't, suffice it to say Surowiecki made the useful observation that the two sectors where hiring is picking up, banking and health care, are those where the government has taken the most aggressive regulatory action.

Jul 08

Why companies aren't spending

Posted by Ron F in recoveryrecessionObama AdministrationObamajobsjoblessnessemploymenteconomyearningsdemandcash positioncash managementCashcapital expenditurescapex

Ron F

There's a political debate heating up about companies' hesitancy to invest the cash they're sitting on.

Essentially, the Democrats--or at least those in favor of further government stimulus measures such as a jobs program or at least extended unemployment benefits--argue that companies are wary of spending because of the lack of aggregate consumer demand.

Jun 15

Why the recovery doesn't really feel like one

Posted by Ron F in unemploymentrecoveryrecessionjobsjoblessnessincomeFederal ReserveemploymenteconomyCareers/Management

Ron F

There's suddenly lots of talk about the possibility of a "double dip" recession, as if the economy had ever really emerged from the last downturn. 

Yves Smith over at Naked Capitalism does a good job of putting the talk in perspective today. In fact, the discussion is ultimately about semantics.

Jun 07

How meaningful is manufacturing's rebound?

Posted by Karen1 in jobsemploymenteconomy


For the tenth month in a row, economic activity in the manufacturing sector expanded, according to the May 2010 Manufacturing ISM Report on Business. In fact, 16 of 18 sectors within manufacturing reported growth, including paper and wood products, as well as electrical equipment and food, beverage and tobacco products.

Several factors fed into the increase. The new orders index was at 65.7, the same as April, but up from 61.5 in March. The employment index inched up to 59.8 in May, the sixth month to show growth. Similarly, both the order backlogs and new export orders indices showed slight increases in May.

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