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Aug 16

CFOs expect to raise prices, but not employee pay

Posted by annearf in pricesJapaneconomyCFOCEO compensationcareer/management


The good: CFOs think the economy is on an upswing. The bad: They also believe the Japan disaster will impact the US. The ugly: More of them than before plan to raise prices. The uglier:  Even as CEO pay soars, most other employees can't expect the same for their compensation.

That's according to a biannual survey of CFOs conducted by Grant Thornton. It questioned 318 CFOs and senior comptrollers, 59 of whom were from the Northeast.

May 13

Is the economic recovery only for big businesses?

Posted by annearf in small businesseconomybig businessbank lending


The economic recovery, such as it is, has been a big business experience for  a while now, with small companies largely left out of the party.

And there's evidence that's still true.

May 12

The economy's new norm

Posted by Stephen Taub in recessioninflationeconomyeconomic growthCash

Stephen Taub

Is the economy steadily improving or is it at risk to slip back into a recession? Is inflation about to take off or are its fears unfounded?

The answer to these questions is debated daily, depending upon the published stat du jour.

May 04

Top 10 business threats facing companies today

Posted by annearf in Riskeconomychief risk officerbusiness threats


What's the biggest business risk, according to managers around the world?

It's the economy, stupid.

Jan 26

CEOs: It's just like 2007

Posted by Stephen Taub in revenuesPwCPricewaterhouseCooperseconomyCEOsCareers/Management

Stephen Taub

Chief execs are as upbeat as the global stock markets.

A new PricewaterhouseCoopers survey of 1,201 chief executives in 69 countries found they are nearly as confident in their outlook for revenue growth over the next 12 months as they were during the recent global boom before the financial crisis.

Jan 21

Small and big businesses live in different worlds

Posted by annearf in smal businessGDPeconomydemand


When it comes to suggesting remedies for the US economy, looks like small and large businesses aren't on the same planet.

 According to a study of 1,224 executives by a researcher at Pepperdine University, 17 percent of whom are business owners, 27.5 percent of company heads with less than $5 million in revenues said the number one impediment to US GDP growth in the next 12 months is limited access to capital. Only 13.3 percent of heads of firms with more than $1 billion in revenues felt the same way.

Dec 29

Small businesses gloomy as New Year approaches

Posted by dbedell in RiskeconomyCash


As spending soared above even optimistic predictions this holiday season, small business owners are still far from optimistic about economic recovery as a whole, according to a survey by Discover Small Business Watch.

Discover's monthly index of small business confidence fell for the first time in three months in December, even as consumer spending soared. The index fell to 81.6 from 87.2 in November, a drop of 5.6 points.

Oct 28

Small business weighs in on election, legislation, economy

Posted by Karen1 in electioneconomyARRA


Although the remarks of Carl Paladino, New York gubernatorial candidate, on gay people, along with the assertion from Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate, Frank Caprio, that President Obama could shove his endorsement, have made for some spicy headlines lately, small business leaders are taking a far more pragmatic view of the upcoming mid-term elections. Their focus is on the recent voting records of those stumping for office and the economy, according to a recent survey of more than 500 small business owners by Sage North America, a provider of business management software and services.

In fact, 61 percent said that a politician's recent voting record on legislation would drive their own voting behavior. That was nearly double the number (33 percent) that said they would be influenced by political party affiliation. For 52 percent, concerns over their businesses would drive their choices in the voting booth.

Aug 19

A better way to boost demand

Posted by Ron F in Riskrecoveryrecessionfinancial market reformfinancial crisisFederal ReserveFedeconomycareer advancementbubblesBanksbank lending

Ron F

Bear with me here. This is going to be one of those "out there" posts. But Steve Randy Waldman takes an interesting stab at a problem I've been wrestling with, at least in the furthest reaches of the financial corner of my brain, since the financial crisis began.

And that is how to stimulate the economy without creating another asset bubble. It sounds easy enough to the Keynesians, but as Waldman has pointed out before, rebooting aggregate demand through traditional government action may simply create another bubble. And ultimately, the distinction between monetary and fiscal policy may be moot.

Aug 18

Keynes' biographer skewers deficit hawks

Posted by Ron F in recoveryrecessionObama Administrationgovernment financeglobal economyFederal ReserveFedeconomyECBdemanddefaultcareer/management

Ron F

This piece published today by Project Syndicate is as insightful a critique as I've seen of the consensus that has emerged among policymakers that government deficits must be cut to restore economic growth.

Not that we haven't taken a stab at that ourselves.

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