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Mar 21

Corporate bond market heating up again

Posted by Stephen Taub in TARPdebtcorporate bondsCash

Stephen Taub
Equity investors are not the only ones who have become more comfortable with taking on risk in the aftermath of the earth-quake, tsunami and nuclear crisis in Japan and anti-government demonstrations in the Middle East.

A number of corporations are once again ramping up debt offerings after many companies abruptly postponed sales last week.

On Monday morning alone, for example, SunTrust Banks said it would sell $1 billion in new senior unsecured debt. It plans to use the proceeds, along with a $1 billion common stock offering, to repurchase its $3.50 billion of fixed rate cumulative preferred stock, Series C and $1.35 billion of fixed rate cumulative preferred stock, Series D issued under TARP, according to Dow Jones.

Dec 31

Mixed year for corporate bond sales

Posted by Stephen Taub in junk bondsDealscorporate bondsCashborrowing

Stephen Taub

Global sales of corporate bonds fell 18 percent to $3.19 trillion in 2010, according to Bloomberg.

However, companies whose credit ratings are below investment grade went on a borrowing binge. Junk bond issuance surged by 74 percent, to $367 billion in 2010, according to Bloomberg.

Nov 29

What, me worry? Surge in new unsecured bonds

Posted by Stephen Taub in unsecured debtRiskjunk bondsdebt crisisdebtcovenantscorporate bondsCash

Stephen Taub

The European debt crisis is rocking the global stock markets, many debt markets as well as the Euro.

But one market that seems to be immune from the growing volatility is the market for riskier US corporate bonds.

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