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Oct 13

Securities lawsuits surging again

Posted by Stephen Taub in United States District Courtsecurities lawsuitslawsuitscomplianceclass action lawsuitsAdvisen

Stephen Taub

Good times for securities plaintiffs lawyers.

The number of securities lawsuits filed in the third quarter climbed slightly, to 284 from 278 the prior three-month period, according to a report from Advisen, an insurance consulting firm. This puts the full-year annualized total at a potential count of 1024, it adds.

Sep 20

Companies baulk at proposed accounting changes

Posted by dbedell in RiskMcDonald'sloss disclosureIn complianceHPGoogleGeneral ElectricFordFASBclass action lawsuitsAccounting


Companies across the US are signalling that they are not happy with proposed new accounting rules that would require them to disclose potential losses from pending class action lawsuits, and increase disclosure on potential liabilities from products and operations.

As many as 140 big name corporates—including Ford Motor, GE, McDonald’s, Google and HP—signed a response to the proposed accounting changes, saying that they oppose the scheme, according to a report in Monday’s FT.

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