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Oct 08

Use cash to support the supply chain

Posted by dbedell in Wal-Martsupplierssmall business lendingSiemensIBMHPfinancial supply chainDPOdays payables outstandingcash flow forecastingCash


Cash-rich companies are starting to spend again-both on buying up cheap assets and on repurchasing shares, according to a number of media reports. But they also continue to use that cash to more effectively manage their supply chain, reduce cost of goods sold, and ensure supplier stability.

Enrico Camerinelli, senior analyst at Aite Group, says that very large corporates that are cash rich are not ready to put money in bank deposits, but still want to put it to good use. "They are looking at ways to use this cash to ensure business continuity, particularly by helping suppliers still in difficult situations without access to bank funding," Camerinelli says.

Sep 03

Transaction banks need better process integration

Posted by dbedell in working capitaltransaction banktrade financetradesupply chain financesupply chaincash flow forecastingcash flowCash


The biggest transaction banks are on their way to providing fully integrated working capital solutions, but they still have some ways to go—particularly in terms of systems and processes integration.

Even before the crisis, companies recognized the importance of integrating trade, the supply chain, and cash management to have a holistic view on working capital across the organization.

May 27

Forecasting still a big headache

Posted by dbedell in SWIFTcash positioncash managementcash flow forecastingCash


In a survey of corporate treasury departments conducted last year by JP Morgan Asset Management, 60 percent of respondents cited accurate cash forecasting as a key concern for 2010, and there are many systems and solutions available to help with that. However, a clear business case must be there, given the time and expense involved in electronifying and automating data flows around forecasting.

The heart of good forecasting is being able to bring together information from both internal and external sources to create accurate, timely cash position reports. Externally, this means ensuring that data is coming in from banking partners on as close to a real-time basis as possible, either through direction connections between corporate banking systems and internal treasury systems, through regular download and input of balances and payment information on a more manual basis, or through overlay connectivity and messaging solutions, such as SWIFT.

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