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"The corporate brand is not only used to improve competitive positioning and express company aspirations, it can also be a powerful tool to motivate employees."

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Jun 29

Google’s glory days a thing of the past?

Posted by mcole in startuphiringGoogleFacebookCareers/Management


Google has proved itself to be a major US corporation, but that isn't always a good thing, at least among tech firms. In fact, Google in some ways has reason to regret the loss of its status as a start-up.

The company said in April its first-quarter results jumped 23 percent and the company posted good metrics, with a 7 percent increase in average cost-per-clicks, which fuels sales. But it wasn't enough for many investors. Now the Internet giant is trying to copy Facebook, which surpasses Google in many ways.

Jun 28

Mid-sized US companies look abroad for growth

Posted by mcole in unemploymentRiskgrowthglobal economydebtCreditconfidenceCareers/Management


In the midst of a slowdown of the US economic recovery and the possibility of a double-dip recession in Europe, US mid-sized businesses are remaining cautious about borrowing. But they are also relying less on cost cutting for growth, opting instead for international expansion, which could in turn boost the US economy.

According to a survey of nearly 650 US senior financial executives polled by HSBC's commercial banking division, US mid-sized businesses continue to express some caution, which is evident in their reluctance to take on new debt. "A surprising 60 percent of respondents stated that they have not applied for an increase in their credit line or for a new credit line in the past 12 months," HSBC said in a press release Monday.

Jun 22

Why Keynes was only half right

Posted by Ron F in unemploymentSpendingRiskrecoveryrecessionObamajobsjoblessnessglobal economyGermanyeconomydemandconsumer spendingclimate changeclean energyCareers/Managementcarbon emissionsCapitalcap and tradeBarry Ritholtzalternative energy

Ron F

At long last, one writer has seriously addressed the potential problems with more stimulus spending. (I sent Paul Krugman a question about this more than a week ago, via a comment on his blog, but from what I can see he has yet to address it. And Dean Baker too easily dismisses the issue, in my opinion.)

The problem is not the federal budget deficit, not at least in the short term, but the potential political fallout from bad decision making. That way, says Steve Randy Waldman, indeed lay a possible US currency crisis. And this is ultimately where Friedrich Hayek and his associates were coming from in blaming Weimar for the disasters that followed.

Jun 17

Non-profits with the biggest overheads

Posted by Going Concern in Spendingexpensescostscost reductioncost cuttingcash managementCashCareers/Management

Going Concern

Submitted by Adrienne Gonzalez, republished from Going Concern, Accounting News for Accountants and CFOs.

Administrative expenses are a part of any non-profit's overall operating expenses and though donors generally give to charity with the hope that their contributions will help fulfill the organization's mission as opposed to cover SG&A, Charity Navigator has a top ten of the worst offenders when it comes to admin expenses. Let's take a look, shall we?

Jun 15

Why the recovery doesn't really feel like one

Posted by Ron F in unemploymentrecoveryrecessionjobsjoblessnessincomeFederal ReserveemploymenteconomyCareers/Management

Ron F

There's suddenly lots of talk about the possibility of a "double dip" recession, as if the economy had ever really emerged from the last downturn. 

Yves Smith over at Naked Capitalism does a good job of putting the talk in perspective today. In fact, the discussion is ultimately about semantics.

Jun 09

An economy on life support

Posted by Ron F in unemploymentstimulusRiskrecoveryrecessionmoral hazardmonetary policyglobal economyfinancial crisisCareers/ManagementBernanke

Ron F

It's really hard to see the glass half full on the economy with news like this.

A 35 percent decline in mortgage applications during the past month hardly suggests that the consumer is back. In fact, whatever strength home sales have shown of late has stemmed from the first-time buyers' tax credit. The downturn in applications coincides with the credit's expiration, showing that the economy remains on life support.

Jun 08

Strikes in China could mean lower US profits

Posted by Ron F in workersoutsourcingoffshoreMalaysiaemerging marketseconomyearningsdemandcostscost reductioncost cuttingconsumer spendingChinaCareers/Management

Ron F

Rising labor strife in China has potentially significant implications for US companies and financial markets. The irony is that what companies want isn't necessarily the same thing that markets do.

Yves Smith over at Naked Capitalism does a good job of explaining why.

Jun 07

CFOs signal worsening job market

Posted by Stephen Taub in unemploymentRobert HalfjobsCashCareers/Management

Stephen Taub

More bad news on the hiring front.

CFOs say they are less likely to hire people now than they were three months ago.

Jun 04

The case for more and greener stimulus

Posted by Ron F in wind energyunemploymentstimulusrecoveryrecessionjoblessnessinvestmentsCareers/Management

Ron F

Steve Taub and I were just remarking on how often we see wind farms these days while driving in the countryside, especially in the more remote areas of states such as New York, Minnesota, Texas and Wisconsin.

That discussion followed my mention of data I came across yesterday that shows how little we and the rest of the world are investing in alternative energy and other so-called "green" initiatives, as measured in terms of GDP.

Jun 02

Comprehensive supply chain finance still not here

Posted by the Benche in supply chain financefinancial supply chainCashCareers/ManagementBanksBankingbank relationship management

the Benche

Submitted by Niklas Callerström, Miriam Hard, and Niclas Osmund of SEB, republished from the Benche, a financial community for corporate treasurers.

Growing international trade between emerging markets and between developed and emerging markets, paired with the still ongoing global economic crisis has put its finger on an important issue; the physical supply chain must be supported by an equally important and well functioning financial supply chain. The financial supply chain works like oil in the engine, making things run more smoothly without malfunctions.

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