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Apr 20

The US and technology adoption: behind the eight ball

Posted by annearf in World Economic ForumUnited StatesTechnologybiztech


The United States is a veritable slacker when it comes to the adoption and use of new technologies.

Those are some of the findings of a study from the World Economic Forum. It looked at 138 countries that comprise 38.8 percent of world GDP, using indicators ranging from patents to access to business telephone lines.

Jan 12

Healthiest and weakest small businesses use technology the most

Posted by annearf in web sitesocial mediasnall businessbiztech


There's a striking bifurcation among small businesses regarding how much they value technology and their financial performance.

According to a survey conducted in June, small business owners who expected their revenues for 2010 to increase by more than 25 percent over the prior year, as well as those who thought their revenues would decline by more than 25 percent, value technology (software, web sites, social media)  at the same level of intensity. The survey of 1,200 small business owners was conducted by the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America.

Oct 05

Tech Tuesdays (October 5)

Posted by dbedell in treasury management systemTechnologySunGardRIMResearch In MotionOracleFINCADFIDESeBAMbiztechBelronApple Auto Glass360T


Net neutrality received a blow this week as a bill intended to continue current net neutrality measures for the next two years languished in Congress. The bill was introduced by House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Harry Waxman.

Waxman said in a statement that the lack of support from Republicans means that the bill cannot pass before Congress’ mid-term elections. He said that it is essential to break the deadlock on net neutrality in order to build the most open and robust Internet possible.

Sep 29

Is data mapping getting easier?

Posted by dbedell in transformation engineTechnologysupply chain financeSCFSAPERPenterprise resource planningelectronic invoicingEIPPbiztechBasware


Yesterday, in our Tech Tuesdays roundup, we reported on Acco Brands Europe picking up an invoice processing and automation solution to help improve STP in the purchase-to-pay cycle. But with any such implementation, my first question is always "what about the integration?"

It is all well and good to say that deployment was web-based or the implementation and testing phase took x-number of weeks or months, but that gives no indication of the time and effort involved in not only setting up and configuring the system, but also, and more importantly, preparing the connections between that system and all the various internal and external systems that will touch on the functioning of that solution.

Sep 28

Tech Tuesdays (September 28)

Posted by dbedell in Thomson ReutersTechnologySunGardSEPARisk and ComplianceRabobankgovernanceClear2PaybiztechBasware


Office products company Acco Brands Europe is implementing Basware’s invoice automation and purchase management offering to reduce costs in its supply chain, according to GTNews. The goal is to centralize and automate purchase-to-pay processes across the 12 countries in which Acco Brands operates.

Financial and treasury technology provider SunGard has launched MarketMap Mobile—a mobile version of its real-time market data and information terminal, for the Blackberry.

Sep 22

Tech Roundup

Posted by dbedell in treasury technologyThomson ReutersTechnologyDTCCCitibiztech


The Eikon DesktopThomson Reuters’ next-gen desktop product for finance professionals, has rolled out of the lab and into the marketplace. The offering itself, along with future upgrades, are downloaded online and access has been streamlined—users take advantage of keyword tags to find information rather than being required to remember instrument codes or go through many screens to get to a particular piece of data.

Features are designed to be as easily-accessible as any web application, and they have added new functionality for Twitter-style social networking with other users, which will allow users to share views and ideas, and create communities.

Sep 21

New portal to help suppliers bid large corporate contracts

Posted by dbedell in web portalUPSTechnologysupply chainsmall and medium-sized businessPfizerlarge-cap companyIBMcontract managementCitiCashbiztechBank of AmericaAT&T


Small suppliers in the US will soon have an easier mechanism to bid for large corporate contracts, as a consortium of firms have announced the launch of Supplier Connection—a portal geared at simplifying and standardizing the application process for large corporate contracts.

The site, which is expected to launch early next year, is being set up by IBM, AT&T, Pfizer, UPS, Bank of America and Citi. To begin with, it will host applications for bids on their business, but will also open to other companies that want to sign up and participate as it grows.

Sep 15

CFOs want quick ROI on IT spend

Posted by dbedell in working capitalSAPreturn on investmentinnovationdays' sales outstandingCIOschief financial officerCFOCashbiztechAT Kearney


CFOs and CIOs have very different priorities when it comes to IT spend, and that dichotomy is not likely to change any time soon, even as IT budgets are starting to once again increase.

After being slashed to almost nil during the height of the crisis for many corporations across sector and size, IT budgets are beginning to rise.

Sep 14

Innovation may be threatened by declining start-up IPOs

Posted by dbedell in venture capitalVantagePointstartupMorgan Stanley Private Equitymergers and acquisitionsIPOinnovationDealsbiztech


It’s a trend that many may have noticed on some level, but few have actually pointed out. Fewer and fewer start-ups are aiming for an IPO. More and more the goal is to sell out to someone larger, who can move the company to the next level or bolt it onto their existing infrastructure.

However, venture capital available to start-ups and later-stage developments is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. Some of the biggest VC deals in the second quarter this year were in the range of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Sep 02

Vendor finance, peer-to-peer lending a perfect match

Posted by dbedell in vendor financesmall businesspeer-to-peer lendingliquidity managementliquidityDealsCashbiztech


Peer-to-peer lending, or community lending, is expected to grow 66 percent over the next three years, according to research by Gartner. Although this still makes it a very small market—at $5 billion in outstanding loans by 2013—it is becoming an increasingly-important funding source for small business and entrepreneurs.

And it may become even more important, as the first partnership between a peer-to-peer lending site and a vendor finance site takes flight.

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